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Pool Fence Care & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your pool fence will ensure that your fence lasts a lifetime but also ensures that the pool is always protected. As a pool fence owner, it’s key that you ensure your pool fence is kept in working order. Pool fences in the summer can see lots of use and its easy to overlook that the fence may need an adjustment or if the fence was taken down and put back up, you will want to ensure it was put back up properly. We will cover some tips & trips to make sure your pool fence is in tip top shape!

Proper Pool Fence Inspection

Here are some quick tips to ensure that your fence is kept in working order

  • Periodically inspect your fence, check for any adjustments needed
  • All Section Latches between pole breaks should be latched
  • All Terminating Posts at the ends of the pool fence should be properly latched/attached
  • Never hang items from the fence (towels, bathing suits, toys, etc.)
  • Verify that the gate latch is engaging each and every time the gate is open and closed
  • Make sure your gate is locked to prevent unwanted access
  • Replace any damaged mesh
  • Replace any broken poles & ensure that all poles and posts are properly seated into the deck sleeves

Adjusting your Self-Closing Gate

A Self-Closing Gate that is in working order is key to your fences safety. It is the most commonly used part on a fence and will need adjustments due to normal use. If the fence was recently take down and putback up, you may find that you need to make adjustments. You can watch our videos on what to inspect and adjust to ensure your gate always self-closes, self-latches and is locked!

Click here to watch How to Adjust your Pool Fence Gate

Pro Tip: During your installation the installation crew shows you how to adjust your pool gate. You can film this demonstration so you have a point of reference if you need adjustments in the future. Service calls can be arranged for a fee through your local reseller and a technician can come out and show you how to make adjustments. Gate Adjustments are the pool owners responsibility and are not covered by the warranty.

Friendly Reminders

  • Never prop your gate open. This is dangerous and allows unobstructed entry into the pool area. Over time this will cause your gate hinges to lose tension and potentially damage your hinges.
  • Never hang anything from your fence or gate
  • Always lock your gate with the key to prevent unwanted access
  • Do not hang or lean on your fence
  • Never place planters, chairs or other climbable items near the fence
  • Do not leave toys in the pool or inside the pool barrier
  • Keep items like BBQ’s, firepits, weed whackers or leaf blowers away from your fence. The fence may melt if exposed to these elements
  • Do not leave the keys to your pool fence in the lock or near the pool area. Keep out of reach from children.
  • Do not allow your pool barrier to be played with

Storing your Fence

Some pool fence owners never end up needing to take the pool fence down and store it away. However we know that from time to time you may find yourself needing to take down and store your pool fence (parties, remodeling, etc.).

When long term storing your pool fence, make sure you are storing it in a clean and rodent free environment. Rodents love to chew on the mesh material and make their nests in it if left stored and rolled up where they can get to it. Putting the fence into a clean trash can is an a easy way to transport and store your fence. Some pool owners will buy a trash can solely to store their pool fence when down to ensure it’s safe, clean and dry.

Pro Tip: Labeling your sections before you take them down will assist you with knowing where each section goes when you put it back up. Label from left to right or right to left (you pick!) with the number 1, 2, 3, 4 so you can follow the sequence easily. You can also video your fence before you take it down so you have a point of reference. These steps will make putting your fence up a breeze.

Remember that you can also cover the holes in your deck when the fence is removed. Deck plugs come with all fence installations. Misplaced or lost your plugs? You can order replacements online, click here.

Cleaning your Fence

Just like everything else that is left outside in the elements, your pool fence will get dirty. In most cases, its not super noticeable and is simply a layer of dust covering the fence along with possibly some spider webs around the poles.

You can use a light cleaning solution like soap and water (make sure the soap does not get into your pool) or simple green to clean your fence. You can use a soft cloth or mop and apply light pressure from a hose to clean the fence. Do not use brushes that are coarse or washers that apply heavy pressure or you may cause damage to your fence.

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