Pool Alarms

Pool Alarms and Child Safety Products By AllSafe Pools

Pool Alarms and Child Safety Products By AllSafe Pools

All-Safe offers a variety of pool alarms, door and gate alarms. When alarms are used alone or in conjunction with a Pool Fence, Safety Net or Pool Cover, they provide additional layers of security & safety. Many alarms are also available to safely secure any above-ground or in-ground pool. Our Poolguard® Door Alarms are UL Listed, meet all building codes & are ASTM (F2208-02) approved. Poolguard Door Alarms come with optional immediate or delayed alerts.

All Pool Alarms are available for direct purchase exclusively through our online store and shipped from our Southern California warehouse.

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Why Get Child Safety Pool Alarms Installed?

Pool, Door & Fence Alarms: High tech advances in pool alarms have made these a must have for every home that has a pool. Several types of alarms are needed as follows:

  • Door Alarms:  These battery powered alarms are installed on exterior doors leading to the pool. If the door is opened without depressing a child proof bypass button, the alarm sounds within 7 seconds and stays on until disabled by an adult. The alarm is also effective in preventing an adult from leaving a door open. If a door is left open for more then 10 seconds, even after pressing the bypass button, it rings again. Door alarms are an inexpensive way to make sure everyone in your house thinks about pool safety.
  • Fence Alarms:  These work just like door alarms but are designed to be used outside for fence gates. Fence alarms can be effective in alerting an adult to an unsupervised child that may wander into the backyard.
  • Pool Alarms:  Pool alarms are designed to detect the splash that occurs if a child falls into a pool.  A recent CPSC study looked at three types of pool alarms:  floating alarms that detect waves on the surface; underwater alarms that detect waves under the surface; and a wrist band alarm, which is worn by a child and alarms when exposed to water.