Pool Alarms

Pool Alarms at All-Safe

Adding a pool door alarm to an existing pool netfence, or cover system adds an important layer of safety and security to your family’s pool. At All-Safe, we offer many different exclusive pool door alarms, gate alarms, and pool alarms that ship directly from our warehouse in Southern California.

Poolguard® Door Alarms are UL Listed, meet all building codes and are ASTM (F2208-02) approved. They come with optional immediate or delayed alerts so you can get the perfect configuration for your home.

How Can Pool Door Alarms Help?

Depending on the type of alarm you purchase and install, they can alert if someone has entered the pool area or even gotten into the pool unintentionally. Alarms are available for gatesdoors, and for the pool itself.

Types of Alarms

Alarms for Pets and Children: If a pet or child accidentally falls into the pool, seconds can make all the difference. These alarms will alert you if the sensor is submerged so you can know if someone is in the pool when they shouldn’t be.

Alarms for Pool Doors: Adding fencing and a door to the pool area in your home is a great way to deter children or pets from getting into trouble around the pool. But there are times when the door is opened when it shouldn’t be. These moments are why a pool door alarm can be so important. They will alert you when the door is opened. We offer alarms for both swinging and sliding pool doors.

Alarms for Pool Gates: Similar to a pool door, gates within a fence around the pool are a simple way to control access to the pool area in your home. However, it is possible for unsupervised children to open gates when they shouldn’t. A gate alarm can let you know when a gate is opened with an audible alert. An alarm can even tell you when a gate is left open for too long so you can check the area and close the gate.

Pool fences are always a good idea for the safety of your children and family. And having alarms on the gates and doors can add an additional layer of safety to your pool.

Splash Alarms for the Pool: A final layer of security and peace of mind is a splash alarm for the pool itself. This alarm mounts on the side of the pool or floats in the water and alerts you when it senses movement on the surface of the water.

Pool door alarms, gate alarms, and splash alarms will add an additional layer of security and give you more peace of mind when it comes to the safety of the children and pets playing around your pool. All of the products are exclusively available for purchase from our online store and shipped from our warehouse in Southern California.

The alarms are easy to install and many are battery operated making safety technology within reach of anyone that wants to make their pool safer.

To speak directly with a local expert on the best ways to keep your pool safe, find your nearest All-Safe dealer.