Gate Alarms

Pool Gate Alarm Systems

A gate is a convenient feature for a removable pool fence; it eliminates the need to remove the fence to clear a path to the pool. But the gates of all pool fences pose potential safety issues. A clever child may learn to bypass even gates with child-proof locks, and may try to swim without supervision. Your gate may also be left open, making it easy for a child or pet to wander in.

A gate alarm for your pool fence helps to resolve this issue by promptly alerting you to when the gate is ajar, or if an unsupervised child attempts to open it.

Gate Alarm Systems for Safety

Like the pool safety fence that works with, a gate alarm for your pool helps keep small children from entering the water unattended. This technology takes the safety qualities of your fence one step further. These gate alarms will alert you when your safety barrier is left open. In a matter of seconds, you can respond to the scene to ensure that they’re safe.

One Broken Part is All it Takes

A high-quality pool fence gate can work flawlessly for years. But carelessly leaving it open one day, or the efforts of a clever child could be all it takes for them to get into the pool without you around. Installing a gate alarm for the pool fence to guard your pool helps you do a better job protecting your child.

Enhance Your Pool Gate Safety

We offer wired and wireless pool gate alarms, featuring an array of value-added options for enhanced safety, implementation at the fence site, and ease of use. For more information about pool fence gate alarm systems from All-Safe, please contact us for assistance.