Pool Gate Latches & Hardware

Your swimming pool safety fence’s gate is only as secure as the pool gate hardware used to keep it closed, latched, locked, or alarmed. Pool fence gate locks need to be user-friendly to allow easy access to responsible adults but also designed to prevent unsupervised access from children, pets, or vulnerable swimmers. We offer our customers the same hardware our independent local installers use to protect pools in their communities with ASTM-compliant removable mesh pool fencing. Whether you’re replacing damaged hardware or preparing for a DIY swimming pool safety fence installation project, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool gate is secure.

Professional-Quality Pool Hardware

Gate Hardware You Can Count On

We’ve engineered our removable mesh pool fence gates to be intuitive to use. Built with self-closing and self-latching features and an alarm-ready design, they’re perfect for ensuring your swimming pool safety barrier isn’t compromised by a gate left ajar or a particularly determined child. For full effectiveness, your pool gate hardware needs to be properly adjusted and replaced when parts begin to weather or wear. While our hardware is resistant to environmental damage, we offer a full line of replacement components in colors that match your fence to ensure you can keep your loved ones protected and your backyard oasis looking beautiful.

Available Pool Gate Hardware

Choose the parts you need to get your removable mesh pool fence gate back in shape.

  • Pool Fence Gate Locks and Latches – Keep Your fence gate secure with top-of-the-line locks and latches. Don’t forget the spare gate key.
  • Gate Hinges – These help your gate swing freely and are designed to close your gate after you go through it.
  • Hinge safety caps – Protect your hinges and gate posts from the elements and small fingers from pinching.
  • Gate keys – We offer replacement and duplicate gate keys so you can make sure you’re never locked out of your swimming pool area.
  • Latch alerts – These devices let you know when your gate is unlatched or ajar with audible and visual indicators so you can stop an unsafe situation before it becomes a tragedy.
  • Kits – Perfect for new installations or adding another gate to an existing pool fence, these kits give you all the hardware necessary for your gate frame in a single purchase.
  • Gate Post Adjustment Components – Ensure your gate posts are properly set with the right tools and our detailed instructions.

Secure Gates Prevent Drownings

Thousands of lives are lost to drowning injuries annually, with tens of thousands of victims seeking medical treatment after a close call. Strong pool safety barriers help prevent unsupervised access that can lead to dangerous situations for children, pets, or the elderly. Make sure you have ASTM-compliant safety barriers protecting your swimming pool area.

Order Your Fence Gate Hardware

We’re proud to offer you pool safety fence products that are designed to be easy to use and maintain without compromising on safety. If you need any installation advice or help, reach out to your local independent pool safety professional for a consultation. Order your pool gate hardware from All-Safe Pool today.

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