Independent Installers

What is an “Independent Installer”?

All-Safe® branded products are manufactured and sold in bulk to a network of “independent installers” located throughout the United States, as well as internationally. Independent Installers then market, sell and install All-Safe® branded products (including competitive brands in some cases) to residential pool owners such as yourself. When you select and hire an Independent Installer to install your pool safety barrier, it is important to recognize that you are purchasing from, and conducting business with, the Independent Installer and NOT with the manufacturer of the All-Safe® product. 

Independent Installers are independently owned and operated, and completely separate from the manufacturer of All-Safe® products. This distinction is crucial, particularly as it relates to installation, warranty, service & repair or any issues, concerns or disputes that may arise before, during or after your installation. Although the manufacturer of the All-Safe® product may attempt to assist with issues or concerns, ultimately, all disputes must be addressed and resolved directly with your Independent Installer

Who is the manufacturer of “All-Safe®” products?

All-Safe® branded products are manufactured and distributed by Sunwest Industries, Inc., a California corporation located in the City of Orange. Sunwest Industries, Inc. is more commonly referred to as All-Safe® Pool Fence & Covers, the dba name under which it conducts business. All-Safe® Pool Fence & Covers is often shortened to just All-Safe®. You can read more about All-Safe® in our About Us section. 

Is my Local Installer an employee of All-Safe® Pool Fence & Covers?

Your Local Independent Installer is NOT an employee of All-Safe®. Your local installation company (aka Independent Installer) is an independently owned and operated business (or individual) that exists and functions completely separate from All-Safe®. Independent Installers establish their own policies and procedures and often offer goods and/or services in addition to those available through All-Safe® (examples include: pool cleaning, childproofing, swimming lessons, construction, etc.). All-Safe® Pool Fence & Covers does not own, employ or otherwise control Independent Installers. Your local independent installer is not a representative of All-Safe® and as a result, we cannot warranty or guarantee their work and/or services. 

You are strongly encouraged to research and interview any company or individual that you are considering as an option for your pool safety barrier installation.