Leaf Pool Covers

What is a leaf pool cover?

A leaf pool cover is designed to prevent leaves and debris from infiltrating your pool. They are made from tightly knit polyethylene material that will only allow rain to pass through. All-Safe leaf net pool covers for inground pools are anchored directly to your deck and will last for many seasons. Leaf pool covers for above ground pools are anchored to the sides of the pool They can support weight in an emergency if installed over a pool safety net. Your leaf cover will also be customized to fit the exact size and shape of your pool to prevent loose fitting areas and create a clean, finished look.

All-Safe offers two types of leaf pool covers: one with a safety net, and one without. The leaf pool net that provides safety attaches to an existing pool safety net. We sew the perimeter of this cover with strong border material and use brass grommets to attach the edges of the cover to your pool safety net. This method allows us to stretch the cover tightly across the pool for a safe and secure fit.

Our non-safety leaf pool cover is similar, but is installed without a pool safety net underneath and does not provide safety. The primary purpose of a non-safety cover is to keep out leaves and debris.

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Leaf Pool Covers Gallery

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For Safety and Strength

Leaf pool covers are not strong enough to act as a safety cover unless installed over a pool safety net. A leaf net pool cover with a safety net underneath is designed to support more than 485 pounds, which makes it ASTM compliant. The strongly knit polyethylene material used in our leaf covers and the anchored reinforcements along the pool deck can support significant weight for emergency situations, however, the cover will sag into the water if enough pressure is applied. Having your leaf pool cover on top of a safety net provides greater safety. It’s easy to do and requires less maintenance.

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How safe and strong are leaf pool covers?

Ease of Use

Is a pool leaf cover easy to use?

Whether you prefer an anchored leaf pool net with a safety net or without, installation and use are relatively straightforward.

Perhaps the easiest cover to use is the one with a grommet border, particularly when used in conjunction with a pool safety net. Simply unroll the leaf net pool cover over the pool safety net and connect it around the perimeter of the pool with bungee cords. This method only takes a few minutes to complete and does not require much strength or expertise.

Medium-sized leaf pool covers for above ground and inground pools can be removed and replaced as often as you like. It will take between 5-15 minutes on average to remove or replace your cover. A large and complex cover such as a mesh pool cover, should only be used to close down your pool for a longer period of time because of its weight and the time it usually takes to remove and replace, which may take 30 minutes or more.

These covers are ideal for small swimming pools that have simple parameters. In a relatively short amount of time, medium-sized leaf pool nets can be off and your pool will be ready to go for a day of fun.

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Finding an Ideal Solution

If leaves and debris are your major concern, leaf net pool covers are the perfect solution. Along with being lightweight and easy to use, they typically cost less than other types of covers and last for years. If safety is a concern, you can opt for using a safety net and leaf pool cover, or try one of our many other great pool safety options, such as a mesh pool fence, a safety cover or an automatic pool cover.

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Why choose a leaf pool cover vs other covers?

The All-Safe Advantage

Why choose a leaf pool cover from All-Safe?

All-Safe is a pioneer in leaf pool covers for inground and above ground pools. In the past, there have only been a few options to keep debris out of your pool, but they all had various disadvantages. Leaf tarp covers, for example, may stop the debris, but do not stop your loved ones from accidentally falling in the water because they aren’t anchored to the pool deck. If someone were to walk or fall on one, a tarp could collapse and trap the person in the water, posing a serious drowning risk. Along with lacking safety features, most leaf net pool covers were too expensive, too heavy, or just plain inconvenient. All-Safe recognized these issues and decided to take matters into our own hands. We have transformed the available products into high-quality tools that provide the best results for the unique needs of every household.

All-Safe products have numerous benefits and are custom designed for a range of sizes, shapes, situations, and budgets. By using strong and durable materials, fabric made from polyethylene and maximum UV inhibitors, marine grade stainless steel and brass hardware, and mono-filament polyester threads, our leaf pool nets will last for years and will make your pool maintenance easier.

We were founded upon swimming pool safety and are passionate about the industry. After 20 years in the market, we have figured out exactly what works and what doesn’t and strive to constantly improve the products to improve your lives. When you choose an All-Safe leaf pool cover, you know you are getting the best leaf cover money can buy.

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Purchase and Installation

Leaf net covers are available through your local dealer, who will provide a free onsite estimate to determine your best options. These covers are usually less expensive than an automatic pool cover or mesh winter pool cover and will typically cost between $1,500 – $2,500. If you already own an All-Safe safety net, you can purchase a leaf net pool cover with a grommet border for a slightly lower price because an anchoring system is already in place. Those who want to purchase a leaf pool net without a safety net can choose between green, blue, or black colors.

During your free onsite consultation, your local independent dealer will take rough measurements of your pool to order a custom fitting leaf net cover. Grommet border covers are cut and sent back to the manufacturer so that the border and grommets can be attached. It can take two or more weeks for your grommet border cover to be complete because of the time it takes to ship it between your local dealer and the manufacturer. Once the leaf net cover is complete, it only takes a few minutes for your local dealer to place it on your pool. Due to the technicality of installation, you cannot install leaf pool covers by yourself and they must be purchased through your local independent dealer for proper fitting and installation.

Although leaf covers can be installed on a variety of swimming pools, those with larger elevation changes and complicated layouts should be avoided. Leaf net pool covers are manufactured to be versatile and flexible, but if your pool has large rock formations or levels, it will have to cover those areas as well to effectively seal out any debris. Therefore, it is always better to overlap the perimeter, if possible.

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How do I purchase an All-Safe pool safety net?

Heating and Evaporation

Safe Leaf Pool Cover

Leaf pool nets are not designed to keep your pool heated or reduce evaporation. If those traits are a priority, your local All-Safe dealer may be able to help you find a bubble blanket or solar blanket to put underneath the leaf pool cover for inground and above ground pools. This helps to prevent debris and evaporation while retaining heat.

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Contacting a Local Pool Professional

All-Safe leaf net pool covers are designed to make your time at the pool more play and less work. Contact your local All-Safe dealer today to get started keeping the leaves and debris out of your beautiful pool in the best possible way.