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What is an automatic pool cover?
Blue automatic pool cover covering an in ground swimming pool, without a fence.
The automatic model is the most convenient cover and provides safety, debris protection, reduced maintenance and heating cost savings. With a turn of a key or touch of a keypad, your warm, clean pool will be accessible and ready for swimming.
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Is an automatic cover right for me?
If you are in the process of building or remodeling a pool and in need a cover that will provide safety, maintenance and heating cost savings, then the automatic model might be the ideal solution for you. If you have an existing pool that has a clear path for the tracks to run parallel to each other without turning or going up or down elevation changes, then the automatic cover is ideal.
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Automatic pool cover covering swimming pool with multiple children, babies, and adults sitting on the cover.
Can every pool have one?
Automatic pool cover covering swimming pool with a large pool and diving board.
Automatic covers are the most desired product All-Safe carries. Often times our customers think the pool must be rectangular to have an automatic cover but that is not necessarily true. However,our automatic models cannot be installed on every pool. It requires two parallel tracks running on each side of the pool and the tracks cannot change direction or elevation. For a pool a with elevation changes or a shape that does not allow the tracks to run along the length of the pool, this version may not be available.

Contact your local All-Safe dealer by filling out our Find Your Local Dealer Form and they will help you determine if your pool is a candidate for an automatic cover.
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How much do they cost?
Automatic Covers on average will range between $6,000 to $15,000 depending on your pool size and options you desire.

Contact your local All-Safe dealer by filling out our Find Your Local Dealer Form and they will help you determine estimated cost. Please note that not all All-Safe dealers will offer automatic cover models.
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Pool cover saving a pool owner money by preventing evaporation and keeping a pool clean for dirt leaves and debris.
Why All-Safe?
Two children or kids standing on a half closed pool cover. These pool covers are able to support the weight of multiple children, babies, or adults.
All-Safe installs only the absolute best system in the industry. All-Safe’s pool covers exceed ASTM compliant safety standards and we offer the best manufacturer’s warranty available in the industry.

All-Safe’s cover fabric is made from nylon fibers impregnated using a “molten” vinyl process (not laminated). The fabric is low shrink, non-wicking fibers, algae-free and chlorine, abrasion and fade resistant. The motor is a waterproof submersible “smart motor”, with bi-directional, auto-stop, watertight electrical cables and built-in electric torque limiter. The drive mechanism cover tubes are cover tracks made of aircraft grade aluminum. The rope reels are 413 die cast aluminum rope reel, zero maintenance, oil-impregnated brass bushings, hard-coat anodized with architectural grade powder coating.

All-Safe’s technicians are factory trained. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We have a terrific safety record with no reported incidents. Our reputation in the industry is second to none with an A+ rating with the BBB and a 5 star Yelp review rating.
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What are the different automatic pool cover options?
  • Deck Mounted Top Track: This is the most common option used when you have an existing pool and you want to install an auto cover. The motor and cover tubes are installed on top of the deck on one side of the pool and a bench is usually used to hide the system. Tracks are installed on the sides of the pool where the cover will run along when opening and closing. Recessed tracks are also available but your deck will need to be cut to house the recessed tracks.
  • Recessed Top Track: A recessed top track pool cover system is usually done during new pool construction or a pool remodel. The motor and cover tubes are placed in a vault that is built out of concrete, wood, or a premade vault housing available through All-Safe. Like the deck mounted top track, the tracks run along the sides of the pool.
  • Recessed Undertrack: A recessed undertrack system is the one everyone wants. The motor and cover tubes placed in a vault and the tracks are run underneath the coping or recessed into the pool wall. This makes the cover virtually disappear when open. The recessed undertrack system is usually done during new pool construction or a pool remodel. The pool shape will typically need to be rectangular but the track can be installed into a raised wall (must be done during pool construction).
  • PowerTrak Semi Automatic: The semi automatic version is just like a deck mount top track system but there is no motor and the cover is run by a cordless drill. This is an ideal system when you have a pool on a large property and the pool is placed in an area where it is difficult or expensive to get electrical access to the system.
  • Manual Track System: Like the deck mount top track system the cover tubes and crank are mounted on the deck and tracks run along the side of the pool. The cover is operated with a manual crank. The manual track system is ideal for a small pool and pool shape that does require the cover to run along a lot of the deck.

Contact your local All-Safe dealer by filling out our Find Your Local Dealer Form and they will help you determine which cover if right for your pool and budget.
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Swimming pool owners have many options when it comes to pool covers or fences, automatic pool covers are a great investment for many pool owners.
How do I get a quote?
Automatic pool cover fully retracted allowing the owner to use their swimming pool freely.
Contact your local All-Safe dealer by filling out our Find Your Local Dealer Form and they will help you determine which cover if right for your pool and budget.
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How long does it take to have an automatic cover installed?
The normal time it takes to have your cover installed is 30-45 days once you place your order. The first step will be to call or email All-Safe to schedule your estimate. Once paperwork has been completed your All-Safe technician will go on-site to complete a manufacture measurement and assess the situation. Once the order has been placed the cover will take about 2 weeks to manufacture and another week or so for shipping. The installation is normally a 1 day project. Complicated pools and pool builds will often times need more technician visits.

Please note: The total time for final install is typically 30-45 days. This estimated time starts once we have received complete signed paperwork, color choice and deposit. Many things beyond our control can delay the order. Some of the most common examples are: payments not received, pool construction delays, additional repairs needed to an existing system, other construction needed to install a cover. Please plan accordingly.
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Pool cover fully extended covering entire pool. The owner in this case chose to add a covering for the retractable pool cover to be hidden when fully retracted.
What other covers do you offer?
Gray, blue, black, pool covers come in multiple colors and can be ordered to match the pool deck surface.
  • Mesh Safety Cover or Winter Cover: They are a tightly woven mesh cover with straps that are very solid and tight across the pool. They have the appearance of a hard pool cover but are a mesh cover and will provide safety and debris protection for your pool.
  • Pool Safety Nets: Pool Safety Nets are a lightweight safety cover, easy to take off and on and can be installed on almost any pool, spa or water feature.
  • Leaf or Debris Cover: The lightweight leaf cover is used in combination with the net to provide safety and debris protection or by itself when safety is not a concern. When installed without the net it is not an ASTM compliant safety cover.
  • Platform Pool Covers: This is a hard pool cover that is a one time rental for an event that will transform your pool into a dance floor or gathering area. Platform pool covers will turn your pool into one of the most unique event features your guests have ever seen.

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Are automatic covers the same as hard covers?
When looking at pictures it is common for automatic models to be mistaken for a “hard pool cover”. In reality the fabric rests on the water so most people would not consider them a hard pool cover if they were to see them in real life. If you were to stand on the automatic pool cover it is very similar to standing on a waterbed. (Walking on your pool cover is not advisable except in an emergency.)
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Automatic pool covers are soft flexible covers that can protect from drowning, dirt, debris and evaporation.
Are automatic covers solar covers and do they help with heating and maintenance costs?
Blue pool cover covering large pool area, this automatic pool cover is housed in a custom housing that stores the retractable material as well as the automatic pool cover parts.
Yes, because of the fabric and webbing that are inside a track, our high-quality covers insulates your pool and will serve as a great heat retainer. Once the pool is up to a swimmable temperature the automatic pool cover will keep warm much longer than any other cover you can put on your pool. The automatic pool cover will ultimately pay for itself for families who want to keep their pool swimmable year round.

Our swimming pool covers will also keep out the vast majority of debris. Because the fabric is solid the cover will almost eliminate evaporation which keeps water and chemical costs to a minimum. By installing an automatic cover model you will have a warmer, clean pool at the turn of a key or touch of a keypad all while saving you money.
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Does All-Safe offer any service or fabric replacement for existing auto cover system?
All-Safe does offer cover fabric replacement and we will install our top of the line nylon fibers impregnated using “molten” vinyl process (not laminated) fabric on your existing system regardless of the manufacturer. The fabric is low shrink, non-wicking fibers, algae-free and chlorine, abrasion and fade resistant.

All-Safe will service the covers it has originally installed or replaced fabric on but for other requests we do not offer that service.
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In ground automatic pool cover that hides all parts of the automatic pool cover and motors.
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