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An All-Safe automatic pool cover is the reliable and convenient way to keep your family safe around the pool while preserving its water, chemistry, and heat for longer. These retractable electric pool covers for inground pools are also effective safety barriers for your children, will prevent debris from falling in your pool, and can reduce your maintenance and heating costs. With a simple turn of a key or touch of a button, your warm, clean pool will be ready to go for a fun day of swimming.
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Is an Automatic Cover Right for my Pool?

Our electric pool cover is a great solution for a pool that has a clear path for tracks to run parallel without any obstruction. One of our most popular products, retractable pool covers are perfect for rectangular pools, but will fit other pool shapes as well as long as the tracks can run alongside the length of the pool without elevation changes or obstructions, such as rock formations.
We have various options for automatic pool covers, which include:

  • Deck mounted top tracks: One of our most commonly chosen options, top tracks are installed on the sides of the pool where the retractable pool cover will run along. The motor and cover tubes are installed on top of the deck on one side of the pool and a bench is usually used to hide the system.
  • Recessed top track: If you are looking to remodel or build a new pool, a recessed top track pool cover system is the way to go. The motor and cover tubes are placed in a vault that All-Safe either makes beforehand or builds onsite with either concrete or wood. Like the deck mounted top track, the tracks for this option run parallel to the sides of the pool.
  • Recessed undertrack: This is the kind of automatic cover that everyone wants for their inground pool. The recessed undertrack has a motor and cover tubes placed in a vault, and tracks that either run underneath the coping or are recessed into the pool wall. We usually install this electric pool cover system when constructing or remodeling a pool to make sure that the cover is virtually invisible when the pool is open. The pool is typically rectangular for this option, but we can also install recessed undertracks into a raised wall during pool construction.
  • PowerTrak semi-automatic: Similar to a deck mount top track system, the semi-automatic option uses a cordless drill to run the retractable pool cover with no motor. This is an ideal system if your pool is on a large property and if it is in an area where it is difficult or expensive to get electrical access.
  • Manual track system: This option is also similar to our deck mount top track system, only instead of a motor crank, this option uses a manual one. This manual system is ideal for small pools and pool shapes that require the cover to take up much of the deck space.

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Family on Automatic Pool Cover

A Unique Approach to a Common Issue

Dark Grey Automatic Pool Cover
All-Safe installs only the best products in the pool industry. All of our pool covers exceed the ASTM safety standards and we offer the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

Our automatic pool covers for inground pools are designed with a fabric made of nylon fibers that go through a molten vinyl process. The fabric is resistant to shrinking, wicking, and algae growth, as well as damage from chlorine, abrasion, and fading. We also waterproof the motor with bi-directional, auto-stop and watertight electrical cables, and an electric torque limiter for added protection. Even our parallel tracks are damage resistant, as they are made of aircraft grade aluminum and our rope reels are made of 413 die cast aluminum rope reel and oil-impregnated brass bushings with hard-coat anodized and architectural grade powder coating for a durable product that minimizes maintenance. Even with our high-quality procedures and material, the electric pool cover feels simple and easy to use. Although we do not recommend standing or walking on a retractable pool cover unless there is an emergency, standing on the automatic pool cover would feel similar to standing on a waterbed.

While protecting your children and pool is always our top priority, All-Safe’s automatic pool covers do so much more. We use a special fabric and webbing inside the track to make sure that our high quality covers continuously insulate your pool and preserve heat. For families who want to keep their pool at a comfortable swimming temperature year round, the retractable pool cover will pay for itself over the years to come and keep the water warm much longer than other pool covers. Not only will an electric pool cover help to keep the heat in, but it will also keep debris out. The fabric that is used to manufacture these covers almost completely eliminate any evaporation so that your pool maintenance can stay at an all-time low while your pool safety and protection stays at an all-time high.