About All-Safe


Our mission is to promote safety awareness and inspire peace of mind in parents and pool owners worldwide. We encourage and establish layers of safety between swimming pools and young children to prevent drowning. Simply stated, we help save lives. 

What we do:

Swimming pool safety and drowning prevention are the cornerstones of our business. We manufacture and distribute removable swimming pool safety fences and pool safety nets to provide layers of safety between young children and swimming pools to help prevent drowning. All-Safe®s goal is to provide the most effective, affordable, attractive and convenient swimming pool safety barriers. All-Safe®, has been delivering only the best in safety, strength, selection, service, satisfaction, and savings for over 25+ years. Safety is our number one concern and our products are manufactured  and tested to meet the highest industry standards in quality and safety. Our pool safety products meet or exceed most national safety standards, ensuring the utmost in quality and performance. Our commitment to the highest quality products and customer service have made our company the trusted choice for pool safety products.

Call All-Safe® Pool Fence & Covers today at (800) 786-8110 to learn more about our extensive line of pool safety products and to locate an independent installer near you.

How we got started: 

Our legacy in the pool industry began in 1976, with solar pool heating, and expanded to swimming pool construction and landscape contracting. As our experience with pool owners broadened, we realized the critical need for a safe pool environment and we began installing removable pool fences and gates in Southern California. We soon found that there was an all too frequent need for fence modifications and a lack of availability of custom parts, to assure safe and attractive fence installations. So, we put our research and development team to work and in 1992 the All-Safe® brand was born. Today, All-Safe® products are installed with standard and unique custom features offered by no one else in the industry. 

As experienced solar contractors and pool builders, All-Safe®’s founders fully understand the importance of a safe pool environment. Their dedication to swimming pool enjoyment and commitment to peace of mind led to All-Safe®‘s beginnings in the early 1990’s. Nearly fifty years in the industry and exposure to virtually every pool fence and pool cover challenge gives All-Safe® a competitive edge. Exploring and creating solutions for every safety situation, has made All-Safe® the industry leader with the largest selection of pool fences, pool nets and pool covers available. 

Our team:

Our All-Safe® founders, together with the All-Safe® office, shipping, production and installation staff share strong and consistent values. Each and every employee is a valued team member and all share in a united commitment to safety awareness and drowning prevention. We are always working on ways of improving product, procedures and working environments. Having an ongoing reputation of professionalism, reliability, quality, honesty, integrity, and fairness is important to all of us.

Our network of Independent Installers: 

All-Safe® pool safety products are sold and installed through a network of independent businesses and installers both inside the United States and internationally. Independent Installers are owned and operated and by persons completely separate from and not employed by All-Safe®. Learn more about our network of Independent Installers.

Our location:

Our production facilities, general offices, and warehouses are located in Orange, California. We also operate as a local installation company that serves the Greater Los Angeles area including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. In these markets, All-Safe® estimators meet with pool owners onsite, provide a free safety analysis and help the pool owner determine which product is best suited to their individual needs. The product of choice is then installed by local, factory employed technicians.