Pool Safety Nets

Swimming Pool Nets

Swimming pool nets are essential safety barriers that prevent children and pets from falling into your swimming pool. They’re easy to use, and relatively low-cost solution with a proven track record of saving the lives of children.

Quality control and attention to detail is second to none. All-Safe products are distributed nationally and internationally through a network of resellers. 

All-Safe pool safety netting has been tested by independent testing laboratories to certify compliance with nationally recognized ASTM standards, as well as various state and local jurisdictions. We’re proud to say our pool nets have had a perfect safety record for over 25+ years.

Learn more about what makes All-Safe nets the best available pool safety nets, or connect with a local reseller for a consultation and quote.

The Benefits of Pool Safety Nets

Easy to Apply & Remove

Ultra-Strong Netting
Holds 485+ lbs

A 25+ Years with a
Perfect Safety Record

Pool Net Cost

Every pool, spa and water feature is different, so costs will vary for installation. There are also various factors that will impact pricing like installing on rock walls, deck surface, elevation changes, etc. Your local reseller can review your pool and safety needs to provide you with your cost for installation.
  • An average pool net will run somewhere between $1,500 to $3,000, installed.
  • Spa, Pond or Fountain safety nets will average between $799 to $1,300, installed.
  • Estimated prices include installation and materials.

How the Safety Net Works:
Putting The Net On & Taking it Off

Putting the safety net on your pool is completed for most in the 3 steps shown below and reversed to take the net off. However, every pool and spa is different and your pool or spa net may require more steps to remove and put back on. Please ask your reseller about the specifics regarding your installation. 

Step 1

Walk the net off the roller and across the pool

Step 2

Attach clips to the anchors in the deck

Step 3

Tighten CTS with your Tensioning Tool 

(small titan tool shown)

Purchase and Installation

To purchase a net for your pool, contact your local reseller and schedule a onsite consultation and estimate. 

The local reseller will assess the area and recommend the best options for you and your family. Almost every pool, spa, or water feature can have a pool net installed. For optimal safety, the net must be anchored on all sides. If your local reseller feels that a net for your pool is not a reliable option, they will let you know immediately.

Time to Complete Installation

Because every pool safety net is custom-made and installed on each pool, installation requires a professional. Your local reseller will mark the location of the anchor location before beginning installation.

Installation time depends on the size of the area, but it typically takes 2-5 hours. After installation is complete, a demonstration on how to detach, reattach, and maintain the net for your pool is provided.

Pool Net Gallery

Making a Safer Pool

Safety should be the number one priority for pool owners. All-Safe products are life-saving safety barriers that also include pool fencingmesh pool covers, and automatic pool covers. For many people, having a large fence or cover is not ideal, which is why our high-quality pool safety nets cover pools, spas, and other water features. Cost-effective and easy to use, swimming pool nets are one of our most popular products for pool safety.

All-Safe pool nets have 3 ½ inch openings that make it difficult for any person, especially small children, to walk or move across. If a child does happen to fall on top of the swimming pool net, the openings will be too small for their head to completely pass through. We specifically make pool nets to be lightweight and versatile so that they can be easily installed, used, and maintained. In fact, they typically take less than 15 minutes to put on or remove for most customers.

Better pool nets for better safety

All-Safe is the only manufacturer to offer a 5mm net. Other companies typically use 4mm or 3.5mm.

Our 5mm net has 56% more high density, virgin polyethylene material and is 31% stronger resulting in less deflection than our competitors 4mm net.

All-Safe’s nets are machine tied, heat stented and All-Safe is the only company to offer 4 color options – blue, black, dark brown, and tan. We also utilize 33% more UV additive than most manufacturers which results in a longer lasting net. Simply put, All-Safe’s 5mm net is stronger, has more color options and will last longer than other manufacturer’s.

(click to zoom)

Design Options & Features

Available Color Options

Brass Keyhole Anchor

Keyhole anchors are the standard anchors used for pools. They are always flush with the deck and about the size of a penny

Brass Threaded Anchor

Threaded anchors are used with the Round Loop Tool to apply or remove tension on spas or to solve lock-off issues. Although they do stick up when in use, they can be screwed down to flush when not in use.

Composite Anchor

Composite anchors are used when our net will be anchored to more sensitive material such as tile. We also use composite anchors when a customer would like to minimize the hole size that is drilled into the deck.

Stainless Steel Wall Anchor

Wall anchors are used when we must anchor to a vertical surface or close gaps as the net goes up and down as the elevation changes.

Steel Bar

For Spa owners with a Raised Wall, a Steel Bar can be used to install a Safety Net without drilling into the wall. The Steel Bar supports the net and lets you easily remove it when you’re using the Spa.
See how it works! Watch this video

Daily Use Made Easy

The last thing parents want to worry about is spending hours taking the net for their pool on or off to enjoy a relaxing swim. With our easy-to-use system, typical pool nets can be easily removed in about 10 minutes or less and reapplied in around 15 minutes. For spas, it takes even less time. Most spa owners remove their pool safety nets in under 5 minutes and it may take as little as 7 minutes to reattach them.

Use With a Leaf Cover to Keep Out Debris

While a pool net is a great safety tool, our nets are not designed to keep debris out of the water. The net openings are 3 ½ inches wide, which will allow small debris such as leaves, dust, and dirt to fall into your pool. If this is a concern, we also offer leaf covers that can be placed on top of our pool safety nets. Our covers are custom lightweight designs made to specifically fit your pool. A leaf cover and swimming pool net together will protect your kids from harm and your pool from debris.

Swimming Pool Net Tensioning Components

Central Tensioning System (CTS)

The Central Tensioning System or “CTS” is the group of pulleys in the middle of a safety net that applies or takes the tension off the net and allows you to remove the net with relative ease. All-Safe’s pulleys are composed of glass filled nylon with stainless steel pins, and our CTS cord is made out of braided polyester. This combination of material prevents binding, is more abrasion resistant, and has better UV protection.

Reinforced Roller

One of the long standing issues with the industry standard PVC roller is binding caused by friction, which makes it difficult for the user to roll the net off and on the pool. To solve this issue All-Safe uses furniture grade PVC and inserts a steel reinforcement, reducing the friction and eliminating the binding issue. Furniture grade PVC is ultra-strong, UV-resistant, impact resistant and non-toxic, with an unmarked glossy surface finish.

Titan Tool

All-Safe’s exclusive Titan Tool (available in small and large) – This is the best tool in the industry used to apply the tension to the CTS (Central Tensioning System). The Titan Tool is stable and has a natural easy motion when applying and removing tension from the CTS line, making it simple and easy for all pool owners to apply and remove the tension to your pool safety net.

Round Loop Tool

All-Safe’s exclusive Round Loop Tool allows for safety net installation on spas and smaller water features without a CTS, giving it a cleaner look and eliminates a step to take the net off and on. The Round Loop Tool also solves lock-off, which occurs when features or the shape of the pool will not release tension in specific areas. Other companies will simply make you “muscle it off”. At All-Safe we will install threaded anchors and a Round Loop tool so your pool safety net is much easier to remove and replace.

Ratchet Tool

All-Safe’s Ratchet Tool is similar to what most of our competitors use. Because of the breakthrough with All-Safe’s exclusive Titan Tool, the Ratchet is typically used in situations when a customer is looking for a less expensive option, or a net will not be taken off and on very often, or it is a small spa or water feature, or on some grass-surrounded pools.

Talk to a Local Pool Safety Company Today

The first step to getting a safety net for your pool, spa or water feature is to contact your local reseller for a quote.

Your local reseller will provide you with a quote that includes the cost of materials and installation.

Alternative Pool Safety Options

If you’re looking for alternative solutions for pool safety, All-Safe also offers removable pool fencing and a variety of pool covers depending on your pool layout and specific needs. Feel free to explore these options and discuss with your local reseller.

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Color Variations

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Colors will vary from batch to batch.

Many of our products’ materials are not available through typical stores and vendors and therefore must be custom manufactured specifically for our use. In order to control costs and provide you with the best value possible, our raw materials are produced in large batches and can often take several months to receive. The colors of our materials can, and often do, vary slightly from batch to batch. Although we make every effort to minimize color variations, we cannot be responsible for these differences when they occur. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

Color names are subjective and may not be what you think the color should be.

For example, we use the name “putty” to describe some of our products. Your idea of the color “putty” may be different than someone else’s idea of “putty”. In addition, products may have the same color name but may not be the exact same color. For example, we have different shades of “black”. Please do not order using color names as your only guide. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

Inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

If it is important that your product be an exact color or shade, it is highly recommended that you inspect the actual product prior to its installation and address any concerns with your local independent installer. Most independent installers do not offer refunds or accept returns due to color variations.