Mesh Pool Safety Fencing

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Mesh pool fencing is the most popular and reliable safety barrier used to secure residential swimming pools. All-Safe removable pool fences are remarkably strong and difficult for children to climb.

They’re easy for adults to remove and store when not in use and adaptable to many complex pool shapes and water features, making them an outstanding option as a pool safety fence to protect your children and pets.

The Benefits of Removable Mesh Safety Fences

Effectively Protects Children & Pets

Strong, Durable
& Effective

Easy for Adults to Access and Remove

The mesh pool fence material we use is ultra-strong and virtually untearable. Depending on your layout, poles made with aircraft-grade aluminum are installed every 36 inches around a pool for the greatest durability. You can also opt to install one or more self-closing, latching and lockable pool gates. Self-Closing gates are ideal for easy access to the pool by adults.

Your safety fence will be customized to the size and shape of your pool. It can accommodate any changes in elevation and water features like decorative rocks & fountains. Local installers work to understand your family’s specific needs and can develop a custom design to meet nearly any request.

Pool Fence Cost

The average cost for a installed pool safety fence is $1,500 – $3,000. 

This estimate includes installation and materials.

Prices are determined by how much fencing is needed, height, gates, and the type of surface the fence will be installed upon.

Purchase and Installation

The first step to getting your new All-Safe pool safety fence is to contact your local independent installer, which you can find by submitting our free quote form, calling (800) 786-8110, or emailing [email protected].

Your local installer will schedule a free onsite estimate to help determine the best safety solution for you and your family, whether it be mesh pool fencing or another kind of safety barrier such as a pool net.

Time to Complete Installation

On the day of installation, your installer will confirm your design plans and begin the construction of your mesh pool fence. After installation is complete, they will demonstrate how to take down your removable pool fence, as well as how to use and maintain any custom features. Most installations are completed within just a few hours, while longer, more complicated layouts can take up to two days.

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Safety and Strength

We understand that your family’s safety comes first. With more than 25+ years in the pool safety business, our experience and professionalism are second to none. We use the absolute strongest and highest-ranking materials and components.

Our tension-based system for mesh pool fences deters children from removing the fences without the help of an adult and the mesh material makes climbing extremely difficult.

Pool safety fences by All-Safe are independently tested and certified to meet or exceed ASTM industry safety standards.

Easy to Use

Products that are easy to use come second to safety, but we design our mesh pool fencing to be the best of both worlds. Our swimming pool fences are removable and simple for adults to set up or take down. While not in use, the fencing can be tightly rolled up and stored out of sight until the next time it’s needed.

Effectively Customized for You

You have many choices when it comes to installing your pool safety fence. All-Safe offers one of the largest variety of colors and styles available. Customers can also choose from various fence options for their ideal mesh pool fence. Most families opt to include a self-closing, self-latching and lockable gate to conveniently walk in and out of their swimming area, but we also offer a manual method that uses EZ-Close handles.

With a limited lifetime warranty on most fencing products, you can rest assured that your investment will likely last for years.

Unique Pool Fences for Unique Families

All-Safe mesh pool fencing can be installed in the best configuration for every home. A local installer will work with you to select the optimal perimeter line for your pool area, taking into account changes in elevation, rock formations, and other water features.

All-Safe pool safety fences can be made into a truly custom fit for just about any pool. Just a few of the section options available only from All-Safe are:

  • Corner posts – Specifically engineered to make a turn greater than 45 degrees, our corner posts maintain the tension of your mesh pool fence without ruining the posts. Most companies use two poles or try to change the layout of fencing to maintain this tension. But this can compromise the visual appeal, and in some cases, lead to bent poles.
  • Angled raised panels – By building our pool safety fencing to have angled raised panels, children are less likely to climb up and risk injury. This design is unique to All-Safe. We created this technology to offer a softer, more attractive look while securing the area better than any other company in the industry.
  • Rectangular and round terminating posts – We have engineered two great solutions to common problems with mesh pool fencing. Our rectangular posts are a perfect fit for when we can’t attach fences to a wall that ends in concrete or pavers. Our round terminating posts are the best solution for fences that end in dirt or grass with nothing to attach to.

At All-Safe, we are proud to offer real differences, not extra talking points. We have professionally engineered the best components, strongest poles, and most reliable materials to ensure your mesh pool fence is the safest and most attractive in the neighborhood.

How Does All-Safe Mesh Pool Fencing Compare?

Our mesh pool fencing is widely considered the safest option for residential pools, but it is not the only type of fence used for this purpose. Other fencing types that we do not offer nor recommend include:

  • Wrought Iron – Made of iron slats approximately every four inches, iron fences are not considered removable. Unlike All-Safe pool safety fences, they require more maintenance when used as swimming pool fences because of rusting. The slats also make the fence easier for children to climb, which poses a safety concern for many families.
  • Chain link – Chain link fences are very climbable for children because of the diamond-shaped holes in the fencing. Chain link fences are not removable and customization options are limited, unlike All-Safe’s mesh pool fencing.
  • Vinyl or wood – Depending on the size of the vinyl or wood slats, this fence type will block most or all of the view to your swimming pool area. Visibility to the water is important for safety. Children may also be able to climb over them as well.
  • Glass – Glass is a beautiful feature, especially for outdoor areas. But glass fencing is also very expensive, not removable, hard to keep clean, and not very versatile for families.

Compared with other fencing options, it’s easy to see why mesh pool fencing may be the best option for families.

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The first step to your new pool safety fence is finding your local installer for a free on-site inspection & quote. They will schedule a time to meet you at your home and work with you to help determine the best layout for your new fence. They’ll take measurements, and provide a quote for the total expected cost.

Honest, hardworking people deserve honest service and long-lasting products. We care about the safety of your family and are eager to help you find the perfect safety solution. Choose to have a quality mesh pool safety fence installed by a company that will treat you with integrity.

Contact your local installer today to get a free onsite estimate and keep your pool safe for your family.

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Enter your zip code to locate an independent installer in your area

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