Make Your Pool a Safer Place with Mesh Pool Safety Fencing

Safety, Durability, and Peace of Mind

Mesh Pool Fencing is the most popular and reliable safety barrier used to secure residential swimming pools. All-Safe removable pool fences are remarkably strong and difficult for children to climb.

They’re easy for adults to remove and store when not in use and adaptable to many complex pool shapes, making them an outstanding option as a pool safety fence to protect your children and pets.

The Benefits of Removable Mesh Pool Fences

Effectively Protects Children & Pets

Strong, Durable
& Effective

Easy for Adults to Access and Remove

All-Safe’s mesh pool fence material is ultra-strong and virtually untearable. Depending on your layout, poles made with aircraft-grade aluminum are installed approximately every 36 inches around a pool for the greatest durability. You can also opt to have one or more self-closing, latching and lockable pool gates installed. Self-Closing gates are ideal for easy access to the pool by adults.

Your safety fence installation will be customized to the size and shape of your pool. It can accommodate most changes in elevation, deck surfaces, and water features like decorative rocks & fountains. Local resellers work to understand your family’s specific needs and can develop a custom design to meet nearly any request. 

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Pool Fence Design Options & Features

When you choose All-Safe for pool safety and peace of mind, you can select from a variety of design options & features based on what suits your backyard best. All of our transparent pool safety fences are easy to remove & store away, and just as easy to re-install when needed.

Effectively Customized for You

You have many choices when it comes to choosing your pool safety fence. All-Safe manufactures one of the largest varieties of colors and styles available. With so many options available, you can create your ideal mesh pool fence layout. Most families opt to include a self-closing, self-latching, and lockable gate to walk in and out of their swimming area conveniently. If a gate is not needed, you can also select a manual entry method that uses EZ-Close handles.

Pole Spacing and Section Length

1. Panel

A standard All-Safe pool fence panel is 36 inches in width. That is also the maximum width we allow between poles to ensure maximum security. However, pool fence panels can be shortened to allow for a custom fit to your pool deck.

2. Gate

Pool gates span 33 inches in width (from center to center of gate post poles) with a 30-inch gate frame panel to ensure easy entrance and exit into the pool with the pool fence still in place.  Pool gates can come in 4 or 5-foot heights to match.

3. Section

A standard All-Safe pool fence section is manufactured with one roll of mesh and 6 poles that spans 5 panels.  This means we can use one section to span a maximum of 15 feet.  Sections can be customized to be shorter, if needed, during installation to fit the required layout length. One section is needed for every 15 feet of fence.

Pole Fence Heights

Pool fences and gates are available in either 4-foot or 5-foot heights. Choose the right height to ensure proper safety while complimenting your layout.

The most popular pool fence height is 4 feet. However, if you are installing to meet code or adoption agency requirements, you more than likely will need a 5-foot fence. Check with your local agency before installation to ensure your fence will meet their requirements. 

All-Safe pool fencing is ASTM-approved. Click here to read more about ASTM, Local & State Safety Codes.

Pool Fence Colors & Finishes

Mesh Pattern:

All Safe pool fences come in 2 mesh patterns: 

  • Malibu
    • 10 x 10 square per inch grid pattern
  • Hampton
    • 5 x 7 square per inch grid pattern

Mesh Colors & Style:

Choose from a  variety of color combinations to compliment your current landscape design.  

All Safe pool fences feature 3-4 lines of marine grade, bonded mono-filament stitching for unbeatable quality and fence life. (Actual color may vary, ask your Reseller for a sample)

Classic Pole Color Swatches

Classic® is perfect for simple, straightforward installations and continues to outperform most of our competitor’s best products. Classic® is available in limited colors and options.

  • 5-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Marine grade aluminum
  • Smooth finish powder coating
  • 3 colors of paint
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 1” Y-Beam reinforced extrusion
  • Optional inserts for increased rigidity
  • Peg pole with ½” stainless steel peg

Ultra Pole Color Swatches

Ultra® style of pool fencing represents our top-of-the-line product. Our Ultra® line is the result of more than 25+ years of engineering and innovation with a commitment to continuous improvement. All of our exclusive and specialty items are available in Ultra® in a variety of colors and options.

  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty backed by over 25+ years of testing and expertise
  • Marine grade 6063-T6 aluminum resists corrosion while maintaining strength and rigidity
  • 4 unique colors of textured polyester powder coating finish for maximum durability and aesthetics 
  • 13 different support pole designs, each with a specific purpose allowing a customized installation
  • Stainless steel hardware to avoid rust and corrosion
  • Peg poles utilize a ½” 304 stainless steel peg and an injection molded ABS bushing
  • 1” Twin I-Beam reinforced extrusion runs the entire length of the pole for maximum strength
  • Optional Ultra inserts available to increase overall strength and rigidity at key points along fence
  • Step poles can be customized for steps, walls and various elevation changes
  • Corner Posts allow sharp turns (greater than 45°) while maintaining proper fence tension
  • Rectangular Posts terminate your fence without the need to attach to an existing solid structure
  • Side Panel and Piggybacks fill in awkward gaps left open when installing

Pole Types

All-Safe offers a variety of pool fence poles to keep your pool secure while minimizing the impact on your pool deck or surrounding landscape. Depending on your desired pole finish, Classic or Ultra, be sure to chat with your local reseller to see what options are available in your area.

Pool Fence Storage

Products that are easy to use come second to safety, but we design our mesh pool fencing to be the best of both worlds. Our swimming pool fences are removable and simple for adults to set up or take down. While not in use, the fencing can be tightly rolled up and stored out of sight until the next time it’s needed. The exposed holes in your deck can be covered with a deck plug

Pool Fence Installation Gallery

Unique Pool Fences for Unique Families

All-Safe mesh pool fencing can be installed in the best configuration for every situation. A local reseller will work with you to select the optimal layout for your pool area, taking into account changes in elevation, deck surface, rock formations, and other water features.

At All-Safe, we are proud to offer real product differences. We have professionally engineered the best components, strongest poles, and most reliable materials to ensure your mesh pool fence is the safest and most attractive in the neighborhood.

Self-Closing Pool Gate

  • Magnetic Friction Free self-latching system 
  • Key Lockable – with Self Closing Hinges.
  • Angled safety cap on the bottom hinge to prevent it from being used as a step.

Angled Raised Protection Panels

Improved Safety On Elevation Changes, Up to 8 Ft. High

A common safety concern, that needs to be addressed when installing the fence over a planter or retaining wall, is preventing a child from going on top of the wall or planter and swinging around the lower part of the fence. All-Safe® is the only manufacturer that offers Angled Raised Protection Panels and poles that go up to 8 feet to block these areas correctly. When Angled Raised Protection Panels are used, they will raise your fence to the proper height. All-Safe’s Angled Raised Protection Panels also offer a softer, more attractive look while securing the area better than any other product in the pool fence industry.

Read more about our Angled Raised Protection Panels, click here

Stability Engineered Corner Posts

Greater Strength, Fewer Wrinkles, More Versatile Design Options

Many companies use a 2 pole system when they need to create a turn that is 45 degrees or beyond in your fence. This may force other poles in your fence to bow awkwardly. All-Safe’s exclusive Corner Posts are specifically engineered to make turns beyond 45 degrees. The Corner Post allows your fence to maintain tension around a corner without the poles bowing while minimizing the number of holes in your deck.

Read more about our Corner Posts, click here

Free Standing Terminating Posts

Self Supporting – No Holes in Your Wall

Mesh pool fences cannot simply stop anywhere. They need to attach to something strong enough to hold the tension of the entire fence line. When a mesh pool fence stops at a block wall or a solid/stable wall of the house, a normal wall attachment will work. However, when a fence stops at a glass, vinyl, wood or wrought iron fence or anywhere that a wall attachment cannot be used, a different solution is necessary. All-Safe® has engineered two poles to securely terminate anywhere needed. Rectangular Terminating Posts are used for concrete or pavers, and Round Terminating Posts are used in dirt or grass.

Read more about the Rectangular Post or Round Terminating Post

Side Panel & Piggyback Gap Fillers

Fill Awkward Gaps That Allow Access Through The Fence

Side Panel and Piggybacks are another All Safe exclusive component developed to solve a frequent problem with removable mesh fences, how to fill awkward gaps left when a fence is installed. Mesh fences are tensioned systems, and what they are anchored to is vital for proper function and safety of the fence. When the fence is stopped/ended somewhere that does not have the proper space, room to drill or pour a concrete footing, a gap is created. The gap that is left can allow access for a small pet or child and would also make the installation not compliant with ASTM standards. Side panels and piggybacks help fill that gap. When a fence is stopped at a bbq with a ledge or a window with a decorative framing, side panels and piggybacks can be used to close the space that is left.

Pool Fence Cost

There are many factors that go into calculating your installed pool fence cost. For example: how many feet of fence is required, the number of gated entries, the height of fence, steps, turns, deck surface, raised walls, etc. The more elaborate your needs are, the more expensive your fence will be. The average cost for an installed pool safety fence with 1 gated entry is between $1,500 – $3,000. 

This estimated cost includes the installation and materials.

We recommend that you reach out to your local reseller for your specific cost to have a mesh pool fence installed. Every pool is different and every quote will vary based on the above-listed factors and more. Your reseller will discuss your needs and layout to give you a better idea.

Purchase and Installation

The first step to getting your new All-Safe pool safety fence installed is to contact your local reseller, which you can find by submitting your zip code on our Get Started form.

Your local reseller will work with you to help determine the best safety solution for you and your family, whether it be mesh pool fencing or another kind of safety barrier such as a pool net.

If you’re interested in installing your own pool fence, head to our DIY pool fence store section to learn more.

Time to Complete Installation

On the day of installation, your design plans/layout will be confirmed and installation will begin. Most installations are completed within just a few hours, while longer, more complicated layouts can take up to two days. Once completed, you will be shown how to use & maintain your pool fence.

How Does All-Safe Mesh Pool Fencing Compare?

The reputation of the All-Safe® product is second to none, proven by online reviews, client testimonials and referrals from customers and pool industry professionals. All-Safe® has manufactured and installed removable mesh fences for over 25 years and takes pride in using the absolute best practices in the industry. In the Greater Los Angeles area, All-Safe® installs thousands of fences each year, factory direct. This creates a manufacturing environment of constant research, product development and installation methods, which are shared with the independent dealer network. An All-Safe® mesh fence will make your pool a safer place.

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Honest, hardworking people deserve honest service and long-lasting products. We care about the safety of your family and are eager to help you find the perfect safety solution. Choose to have a quality mesh pool safety fence installed by a company that will treat you with integrity.

Get started today and contact your local reseller for a quote and keep your pool safe for your family.

Alternative Pool Safety Options

In addition to mesh pool safety fences, pool safety nets, and a variety of pool covers are also available depending on your needs & pool layout. Browse our selection and feel free to discuss available options with your local reseller.

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Inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

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