Winter Pool Covers

What are winter pool covers?
What is an automatic pool cover?
We have the perfect solution for those looking for a swimming pool cover to serve as a safety barrier or pool cover to reduce pool maintenance. All-Safe’s mesh pool safety cover serves both purposes and is widely used throughout the United States to close down or winterize the pool or spa. The swimming pool cover fabric is a unique blend of polypropylene and is impervious to chlorine and mildew. The mesh swimming pool cover is held in place with the use of a spring, attached to a strap that attaches to a brass anchor that has been drilled into the decking. A special tool is required to attach and release the spring and a special shield keeps the spring from marring the deck. Once the spring tensioned straps have been released, the cover is then pulled to one side of the pool.

A mesh pool cover is often the pool cover choice of pool owners who wish to “winterize” their pool or to close it down after the swim season had ended. A mesh pool cover is also often the pool cover choice of pool owners who are in high wind areas and are in a constant battle with leaves and debris.
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Winter Safety Pool Cover Gallery
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Access to Pool
Is an winter pool cover right for me?
Access to the pool area that is protected by a mesh pool cover begins with a special tool. This tool is a metal bar and it is used to release the spring buckle assembly from the brass anchor. The spring buckle assembly is attached to the strap that is attached to the pool cover. Once the tension on the springs has been released, the mesh pool cover can be removed.

The mesh pool cover is then pulled to one side of the pool. The pool cover is then folded up and can be stored in a bag for future use. A mesh pool cover can be difficult for one person to remove, depending on the size of the cover and the strength of the person. Access to a swimming pool that is covered with a mesh pool cover is not as convenient and easy as is the case with some other types of pool covers. Therefore we do not recommend this type of cover for daily use.
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Is a Mesh Pool Cover Safe?
Can every pool have one?
When utilized for safety purposes, our swimming pool safety covers provide an excellent barrier. The tight fitting cover keeps children from falling in or gaining unwanted access. Even an adult cannot access the pool without using a specially designed tool. This tool releases springs that are attached to anchors in the deck.
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