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Winter Pool Covers

If your home has an inground pool, a mesh pool cover is the best way to reduce maintenance, protect your pool, and keep your children safe during the off-season. They’re sturdy enough for people and pets to walk on, and are especially effective at keeping out leaves and debris.

These durable pool covers by All-Safe are an industry-standard throughout the United States to close down or winterize pools and spas.

What Is an All-Safe Winter Pool Cover?

The mesh material is a unique blend of polypropylene that is impervious to chlorine and mildew, as well as resistant to UV rays. These heavy-duty winter pool safety covers are held in place by springs attached to a series of straps. Each spring has a special shield that prevents damage to your deck.

The Benefits of Mesh Winter Pool Covers

Effectively Protects Children & Pets

Strong, Durable, And walk-able

Keeps Out Leaves and Debris

Installing Your Winter Pool Cover

Each cover is custom-made to your pool’s size and shape. Your local installation team will install a series of anchors into the perimeter of your deck. A special tool is used to attach each spring to its corresponding anchor.

Our heavy-duty winter pool safety covers are not as convenient as pool nets or automatic pool covers to apply or remove, so we don’t recommend them for daily or frequent pool use.

Removing the Cover

To remove a winter pool cover, a special tool is used to release the spring buckle assembly from the brass anchor. The buckle is attached to one of the straps on the cover.

Once the tension springs have been released, the cover can be removed. Next, the cover is pulled to one side of the pool so that it can be folded and stored for future use.

Start Here

To purchase a new winter cover for your pool, start by connecting with a local All-Safe dealer for a free quote. A professional will gather all information needed & measurements and provide a quote for the total installed cost.

They’ll work with you for your complete satisfaction, from the first estimate to the day of installation.

Is a Winter Pool Cover Safe?

These mesh winter pool safety covers provide an excellent safety barrier. The tight fit keeps children and animals from falling in or gaining access. Even an adult cannot access the pool without using a special tool to release the springs anchoring it to the deck.

These covers are ASTM compliant and are rated to hold up to 485 pounds of weight.

Connect With Your Local Dealer

We work with local specialists across the country to service your pool with top quality winter pool covers.

To get started with a new heavy-duty pool cover for this winter, find a dealer near you. Schedule your free on-site consultation. An expert will come out to your home, take measurements, and provide a free quote

Find a Local Installer

Enter your zip code to locate an independent installer in your area