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All-Safe pool fencing is a removable barrier designed to help keep your children and pets safe in the swimming pool area. Our pool fences are made of strong, durable, transparent mesh fabric with sturdy aircraft grade, aluminum poles. The poles are inserted into small holes drilled into your pool deck, and the fence is held in place by tension. The fence provides a dependable, convenient, aesthetically pleasing layer of safety around your pool or spa.

Absolutely, our mesh pool fencing is easy to use. The latches and gates are simple to operate, giving adults easy access into and out of the pool area. The mesh fence for your pool can easily be completely removed to create additional space on the pool deck, and it rolls up for easy storage. As a true swimming pool safety fence, children will have difficulty doing this unless explicitly taught how.

Deck plugs are also available to seal the holes around your deck while your pool fence is stored away.

All-Safe has been manufacturing and installing pool fences for over 25 years with a perfect safety record of zero reported drownings. Our fencing is commonly approved by foster care, daycare, and adoption agencies as a primary pool safety device. All major drowning prevention and swimming pool safety agencies recommend removable pool fencing as a key layer of protection. Our high-quality materials and meticulous installation practices exceed nationally recognized standards for pool fencing.

The transparent mesh allows for a clear view of the pool area, a critical safety factor. The mesh is extremely strong and durable and the poles are designed to prevent breakage. Self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable gates allow adults convenient access but provide a security measure to prevent children or pets from entering the pool area.

Every pool fence by All-Safe is a custom safety solution with a layout you and a local pool professional will decide on together during your free consultation. You determine where the fence starts and ends, as well as where you would like a self-closing, self-latching lockable gate. By adding these gates to the fence around your pool, adults can conveniently walk in and out of the enclosed area without any hassle.

We also offer manual openings for swimming pool fencing, which some customers find a little more difficult to use because of the strong tension in the fence. To help ease this tension, we offer the All-Safe EZ-Close handles, which can be added during installation or at a later date.

The average cost to secure a pool is typically between $1,500 and $3,000 dollars. The price will vary depending on the type of product selected, the layout desired, the materials and the time required to complete the installation. Your local pool safety professional will provide a free on-site quote, and help you determine the best way to keep your family safe while maintaining the use and enjoyment of your backyard.

Our pool fences are made to withstand the tests of time, but damage sometimes happens. In that case, we can help repair your fence. While we don’t provide a warranty for damage caused by pets and other acts of nature, we do provide replacement parts through our online parts store. If you wish to purchase replacement parts, we offer direct shipping to you so you can make the repair yourself.  Or, for a nominal fee, you can contact your local All-Safe installer and arrange a service call.

Still can't find that part you need? No problem! Send us an email showing the part you need repair on and we will do our best to assist you!

Proper care and maintenance will ensure the longevity (and effectiveness!) of your pool safety investment. Thankfully, caring for your pool fence is a pretty easy chore! You’ll need mild dish soap, a warm bucket of water, and a bristle type brush to make sure you clean the mesh fabric well. Make sure to avoid any sort of harsh chemicals; basic soap will do the trick. 

There are several types of pool fencing available on the market, but very few are designed specifically for pool safety. Perimeter fences are most commonly used to follow the property line of your home, keeping people outside of your property and away from your pool. Isolation fences, such as mesh fencing, are used to separate your home from the pool or spa area.

Wrought iron fencing is sometimes used as a safety barrier. This type of fence is climbable, obstructs the look of the pool area, rusts over time, and can be difficult to remove.

Glass fencing offers pleasant transparency for pool areas. However, glass fencing is very difficult to keep clean, isn’t removable, and can be extremely expensive.

Chain link fencing is quite obstructive to the view of the pool and is usually considered to be a construction fence. It is very climbable since the diamond-shaped openings act as steps for children to use to easily get over the fence and gain pool access.

Wood fencing is not transparent and does not allow a clear view of the pool. For safety reasons, this is a huge drawback. It also obstructs your view of the natural beauty of your pool and yard area.

Removable mesh fencing is the clear choice for providing peace of mind to responsible pool owners. There are two mesh pattern styles available, and many customizable features to ensure your pool safety fencing matches the aesthetic of your backyard.

The first step in purchasing an All-Safe pool fence is to get in touch with a local independent installer. Simply fill out the “Free Quote” form located here or at the bottom of this page in the footer section. The form will use your zip code to locate an installer near you and provide a phone number for you to call.

The independent installer will schedule a time to visit your home and provide you with a free no-obligation pool fence price quote. When you are ready to move forward, you can schedule an installation directly with your local installer.


All-Safe’s mesh pool fencing is virtually untearable, and the poles are designed with marine grade aluminum for strength and rigidity. We also offer optional inserts to increase durability. Unlike other companies, our exclusive corner posts have been engineered to make turns beyond 45 degrees, which help to maintain tension around corners rather than forcing poles to bow awkwardly (a potential safety hazard).

The minimum standard height for our pool fences is 4-5 feet. We do offer poles up to 8 feet in order to properly secure climbable structures.  In addition, the mesh fabric is climb-resistant. Small children cannot get a foothold to climb the fence like they might with chain link or wrought iron fencing.  

With a properly installed pool fence and all latching secured, it is virtually impossible for a child to pull the fencing and poles out, due to the force of the tension.

The standard pool fence is equipped with a safety hook latch with spring, but All-Safe also offers self closing gates that are key lockable. This makes it easier for adults to go in and out of the pool area, but ensures children cannot get through while unsupervised.


We all want to keep our furry friends safe, and a mesh fence is a great solution for keeping pets out of the pool! We understand, though, that all pets have different behavior styles and you will know what is best for your pet in the long run. The quick answer: If your dog is a big fan of chewing or scratching objects that are in their way, you may want to consider an alternative option.

Accidents can happen and some dogs may damage the fence, but replacement parts are available. You can replace damaged mesh yourself or contact your local installer for service.

Our mesh pool fences are one of the most effective solutions to help keep your pets out of the pool, but we understand that a fence for the pool isn’t ideal for every pet. A good alternative is the Safety Turtle 2.0 (available from our online parts store), a special kit that alerts you if your pet enters the pool. Our Safety Turtle features a velcro monitoring attachment that connects to your pet’s collar, and an alarm base that detects when the monitor has gone in the pool.


On the day of your All-Safe pool fence installation, your local professional will start by meeting with you to review the layout one more time. Once the layout is finalized, the installation will begin, including drilling at designated points in your pool deck that your swimming pool safety fence will be anchored to. Plastic sleeves are then inserted into the holes to ensure each post has a proper fit. Your technician will then set up the fence and self-closing gate according to your customized plan and layout.

Once complete, your All-Safe technician will show you how to take down and put up the new fence for your pool quickly and correctly, as well as answer any of your further questions.

The entire installation process typically takes just a few hours, but this can differ depending on the size and shape of your pool. In rare cases, very large or complicated pool designs can push installation to a second day.

Setting up the fence for your pool is a relatively hassle-free process. It usually takes our customers about 10 minutes for every 15 feet of fencing, but that time length can change based on a variety of factors. Following the installation of your new swimming pool safety fence, a technician will demonstrate the most efficient way to set up and take down your product.

Installing a mesh fence is not as easy as we try to make it look. It requires specific methods, tools, and experience for the best results. Any mistakes could damage your pool deck or compromise the strength & safety of the fence so we do not recommend self-installation (DIY). Installing a fence on your own is not out of the question, but we recommend talking with your local installer to find out what installation options are best for you.


How do I get in touch with a local dealer?

Fill your information into our local dealer form and we’ll connect you with a local professional in your area to help find the perfect safety solution or fence for your pool.

If you have any more questions or would like to set up a free onsite estimate, you can also contact us at any time at 800-786-8110.

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