Pool Fence Parts

We offer authentic All-Safe Pool fence parts to help you repair your removable mesh pool fence or conveniently add additional sections, extending your pool area’s protection. At-home pool fence repair can easily fix minor damage, restoring the integrity of your pool fence, and DIY pool fence installation can give you professional-quality results while saving you money. These parts are made to the same high standards as those on equipment used in the field by our independent installers to protect the people and pets in their communities.

Quality Pool Fence Repair Parts

Our pool fence parts give you strength and resiliency you can trust to help prevent unsupervised access to your pool area. Whether you’re tackling a pool fence repair project to repair damage or starting a new pool fence installation, we have you covered with everything you’ll need to do the job right.

Pool Fence Repair Maximizes Your Investment

Using our OEM pool fence parts to repair your pool fence helps extend its service life, helping you get the most for your money. We offer the most popular parts needed for both pool fence installation and repair, including:

Deck Plugs and Sleeves

Available in a variety of colors, sleeves help keep your poles centered and supported in their anchor holes, while plugs maintain your deck’s appearance by covering the holes when the fence is removed.

Small Fence Parts

We carry all the small parts needed to finish your fence, including caps for poles and gate posts in black, tan, green, and brown, and section latches and locks in a black or silver finish.

Gate Parts

We carry all pool fence parts needed to finish out your pool fence’s gate: gate hinges, hinge safety caps, gate keys, pull latches, gate alerts, and more.

Core Bits & Drill Guides

Give the poles in your pool fence installation the strong anchor holes they need with tools and equipment that let you produce professional results.

Replacement Mesh Material

While our mesh is engineered to resist rips, tears, and damage from exposure to the elements and pool chemicals, it can still puncture and weather over extended periods of time. Use OEM mesh for stronger pool fence repairs.

One-inch and Peg Replacement Poles

We carry both peg poles and one-inch anchor poles to give you a strong fence you can rely on to protect your loved ones.

Order Your Pool Fence Parts Direct From the Manufacturer

We’re proud to offer our customers the same pool fence parts our pros use to protect their communities every day. Don’t forget to take a look at our pool safety blog or pool fence installation page for tips and tricks to create the safest pool fence possible. If you need more hands-on help, contact one of our local independent installers for a consultation. Get your pool fence repair components from All-Safe Pool today.

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