Mesh Pool Cover
Safe and Secure
Keep outr leaves and debris
Winterize your pool
Reduce Maintenance
Leaf Pool Cover
Easy to use
Strong and Durable
Keeps out leaves and debris
Rolls up for easy storage
Automatic Pool Cover
Safe and Secure
Prevent Evaporation
Reduce Maintenance
Reduce Heating Costs
Open and close easily
Pool Safety Net
Low Profile

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Custom Swimming Pool Covers

Quality custom inground pool covers keep your children and pets safe from falling in, keep out leaves & debris, and last for years of reliable protection. Find the largest selections of swimming pool covers in the United States at All-Safe. Each type of cover has its benefits. Mesh and automatic models make superior safety covers for pools, while leaf covers are best at keeping out leaves and debris.

The first step in securing your pool with a quality cover is to consult a local expert for a free on-site consultation and estimate. Whether you are looking for a custom pool safety cover or just a way to keep the leaves out, All-Safe will work with you for the ideal custom pool cover solution. Contact your local pool professional for a free quote!

Mesh Covers

Mesh pool covers are exceptionally safe for children and pets, help keep out leaves & debris, last for years, and come at a great price!

Mesh covers by All-Safe are custom pool covers made to the precise size and shape of your pool. The woven mesh material is sturdy enough to walk on when necessary, and allows rainwater to pass through so it doesn’t accumulate on the top.

They’re held tightly in place with springs and straps that attach to strong anchors on the deck. These custom inground pool covers are perfect for keeping your pool clean and your family safe.

Automatic Covers

The benefits of an automatic pool cover are outstanding. At the turn of a key, these custom pool covers extend and retract to cover and uncover your pool.

These covers are sturdy to walk on, and help to seal in the water. This helps preserve the temperature, prevent evaporation, and make your pool chemistry last longer.

Automatic custom pool safety covers are premium options that make pool care and maintenance more convenient and help to reduce costs over their long life.

Ask your local All-Safe dealer if an automatic cover is right for your pool and your family.

Leaf Covers

These custom swimming pool covers are easy to use and perfect for those wanting a simple solution to keep out debris.

Our leaf covers are designed to be lightweight and easily placed on top of pools to prevent leaves, seeds, and other plant matter out of the water.

Because safety is our top priority here at All-Safe, we highly recommend using this cover with a safety net underneath. This helps the cover support a great amount of weight before sagging into the water, making it safer for children and pets.

Pool Nets

These safety solutions are exceptionally effective at keeping children and pets safe around pools. In 25 years, there has never been a reported accident were an All-Safe pool net had been properly installed & used.

All-Safe pool safety nets are custom-made for your pool’s size and shape. The ultra-strong polyethylene netting is easy to apply and remove.

For the extra benefit of keeping your pool clean from leaves and debris, you can also choose to add a leaf cover.

Consult a Local Professional

Whatever you’re looking for out of your pool cover, All-safe will have the solution for you.

Contact your local All-Safe dealer today for a free onsite assessment and discover the world of difference a custom pool safety cover can make for you and your family.

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