Custom Swimming Pool Covers

All-Safe provides one of the largest selections of swimming pool covers in the United States. Each type of cover has its benefits and drawbacks. Mesh and automatic models make superior safety covers for pools, while leaf covers are best at keeping out leaves and debris.

The next step in securing your pool with a quality cover is to consult a local expert for a free on-site consultation and estimate. Whether you are looking for a swimming pool safety cover or a way to keep the leaves out, All-Safe has the ideal swimming pool cover solution. Contact your local pool professional today.

All-Safe Mesh Pool Cover Installation

Mesh Covers

For those looking for a safe pool cover while keeping out debris, mesh covers may be the solution for you. Our mesh covers are true to their name, with woven mesh material designed to keep everything besides water out of the pool. Held tightly in place with springs and straps that attach to strong anchors on the deck, mesh covers are the perfect safety covers for pools to keep your pool clean and your family safe.
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All-Safe Automatic Pool Covers instillation

Automatic Covers

Anyone looking for significantly less work when it comes to their swimming pool cover should consider automatic covers. With the simple turn of a key, pool owners can watch as their outdoor haven is quickly and effectively protected from weather conditions. These cover types are best at preserving water and temperature, reducing heating costs and keeping the water chemistry balanced for a longer period of time.

Automatic covers are perfect for single-level pools as they use a parallel track system to secure the material and withstands tough environmental conditions.

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All-Safe Leaf Covers for pool instillation

Leaf Covers

These custom swimming pool covers are easy to use and perfect for those wanting a simple solution to keep out debris. Our leaf covers are designed to be lightweight and easily placed on top of pools to prevent leaves and other plant matter out of the water. Because safety is All-Safe’s top priority, we highly recommend using this cover with a safety net underneath. This helps the cover support a great amount of weight before sagging into the water, ensuring your loved ones are protected.
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Kids Safety Pool Nets

Pool Nets

While pool nets will not keep debris out of your pool, they are easy to use, modestly priced, and exceptionally effective solutions for keeping your pool safe. In 25 years, there has never been a reported accident were All-Safe pool nets have been properly installed.
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Consult a Local Professional

Whatever you’re looking for out of your pool cover, All-safe will have the solution for you. Contact your local dealer today for a free onsite assessment and discover the world of difference a swimming pool safety cover can make for you and your family.

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