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A swimming pool alarm by All-Safe detects swimming pool entry by sensing water surface movement. Available as an alarm that mounts to the side of a pool or floats freely across the water, a pool alarm system provides increased monitoring capability for preventing children and certain pets from entering a pool unattended. If you already have a pool safety barrier installed, one of these alarm systems is an ideal form of added protection for your pool.

Mounted Alarms

A battery-powered, mounted swimming pool alarm is installed on the side of a pool. The alarm system scans the maximum water surface area that it is designed to monitor, sensing notable deviations in movement. When a person or a pet weighing at least 18 pounds enters the pool, the alarm is triggered. The system works well for protecting toddlers and beloved family pets.

Floating Alarms

A battery-powered, floating swimming pool alarm moves freely throughout the pool, detecting significant deviations across the maximum water surface that it is designed to monitor. This type of pool alarm system can be easily picked up and removed from the water when it’s time for supervised swimming.

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A mounted or floating swimming pool alarm from All-Safe is a cost-effective, added form of protection for preventing small children and pets from entering your swimming pool without you knowing, where they could potentially drown. To receive more information about a pool alarm system found in our online store, please contact us for assistance.

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