Core Bits

Pool safety nets are one of our favorite products here at All-Safe. Not only do they effectively keep large debris out of your pool, such as branches and large animals, but they also protect your family. These nets are designed for durability and can withstand hundreds of pounds so that if any of your loved ones accidentally fall into the pool, they will not submerge and can carefully make their way back to safety without ever getting wet.

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But in order to make that happen, your pool safety net must be properly set up and maintained. The pool deck drill bit is what helps keep your net securely attached to the edges of your pool so that those accidental slips do not turn into accidental catastrophes. When a certified All-Safe agent installs your safety net, they do so by putting these drill bits around your pool as stable holsters for the net anchors. The bits ensure that the anchor will not get damaged or damage your pool deck, and also further solidify the net’s stability as you increase or decrease tension.

All-Safe uses a ¾-inch wet diamond-tipped pool core bit with a 14-inch barrel length and ⅝-11-inch threaded arbor for our safety nets. The bit is fast drilling and is designed to last for years, so you do not have to worry about replacing it every summer. The bits are both available online and at your local All-Safe dealer.

All-Safe offers only the highest quality safety products for your pool. If you have any questions about getting a new pool deck drill bit or would even like some help installing your new pool core bit, we can definitely help. Give us a call at 888-217-5771 or contact your local All-Safe dealer to get started.

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Inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

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