Door Alarms

Add Swimming Pool Safety

A pool safety barrier that physically deters children from reaching a pool is generally the first defense against accidental drowning. However, because no safety barrier is absolutely foolproof, it’s advisable for parents to take additional measures to help kids stay out of harm’s way. A pool alarm for doors adds safety by enhancing your capability to monitor their activity.

When the door opens, a signal between the alarm device and the signal receiver is broken, which automatically triggers a clear alarm sound instantly, or after 7 seconds, depending on your preference. The alarm will continue to sound until it is reset by an adult.

Simple Installation

You can install a pool alarm for a door in just a few minutes. For a hinged door, the alarm device mounts on a wall near the door, and connects to an alarm signal receiver mounted on the door. For a sliding door, the assembly mounts near a point where the sliding panel opens.

Because pool door alarms from All-Safe are battery-powered, they continue to work even if the power goes out.

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Pool alarms for doors are a cost-effective, reliable way to help prevent children from entering swimming pools unattended, where they could potentially drown. For more information about our pool alarms for sliding doors and hinged doors, please contact us for assistance.

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