Pool Alarms

Our inground pool alarms can be installed on the side of your pool to detect water intrusion. You will be notified when an object weighing at least 18 pounds enters the water. Also useful for spas, our above ground alarm floats freely throughout the pool, always on guard to detect water entry.

Door Alarms

A door alarm is the best pool alarm for detecting an attempt to enter the pool from one of the nearest points of access: a door in your residence that leads to the pool area. Select the door alarm that offers the response time and duration of alarm sound that meets your needs.

Gate Alarms

Gate alarms detect when someone tries to access a pool through the pool fence gate. Your gate may have child-proof locks for safety, but older children or any authorized swimmer may find their way in. Guard your gate with a specialized pool alarm.

Child & Pet Alarms

Child alarms are uniquely designed to protect children and pets from unsafe pool entry. Choose between remote receivers that alert you to entry, when you are within range of the detection device. Detection devices include wristbands for kids and bands for pet collars.

Video Surveillance Alarms

Get the ultimate level of pool alarm technology by implementing a video surveillance alarm. The alarm lets you know when someone tries to access your pool area, and a video camera records the activity. You can carefully observe the video feed before approaching the pool.

Order Your Alarms Today

A pool alarm from All-Safe enhances your ability to monitor your pool. You can go about your day with confidence, knowing that the alarm will detect specific activity at the site, and promptly notify you. For help choosing the best pool alarm for your needs, or information about implementing our alarms in combination, please contact us today for assistance.

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Color Variations

Colors on your screen or brochure may not match the actual color of your product.

Due to the many variations in monitors, phones, and browsers, color samples and product examples may appear different on different screens. Computers and mobile devices are not all calibrated equally and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise. The same is true for printed items such as brochures and other sales literature. 

In addition, the colors of our products photograph differently under different lighting conditions. For example, photos taken in full sunlight will vary from photos taken on a cloudy or overcast day. Similarly, shadows from nearby objects can affect the color and transparency of our products. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

Colors will vary from batch to batch.

Many of our products’ materials are not available through typical stores and vendors and therefore must be custom manufactured specifically for our use. In order to control costs and provide you with the best value possible, our raw materials are produced in large batches and can often take several months to receive. The colors of our materials can, and often do, vary slightly from batch to batch. Although we make every effort to minimize color variations, we cannot be responsible for these differences when they occur. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

Color names are subjective and may not be what you think the color should be.

For example, we use the name “putty” to describe some of our products. Your idea of the color “putty” may be different than someone else’s idea of “putty”. In addition, products may have the same color name but may not be the exact same color. For example, we have different shades of “black”. Please do not order using color names as your only guide. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

Inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

If it is important that your product be an exact color or shade, it is highly recommended that you inspect the actual product prior to its installation and address any concerns with your local independent installer. Most independent installers do not offer refunds or accept returns due to color variations.