All about the guide

This tool is one of the very best you can get for any kind of installation. All-Safe’s pool fence drill guide allows you to drill holes at various angles without risking any mistakes. All you need is a rotary hammer drill to perfectly install your new and improved removable mesh pool fence. The guide accepts masonry bits up to ⅝” and can adjust angles by 10-degree increments. It also has adjustable feet, is coated with powder, and dual bearings to ensure that every drill is as smooth as possible.

Drill bits

What’s a drill guide without core drill bits to go with it and your pool fence post? All-Safe has all the drill bits you may need during installation. We offer 1 ¼-inch, 1 ¼-inch HILTI, 1 ⅛-inch, 1 ⅛-inch HILTI, ⅝-inch, and ⅝-inch HILTI. The standard bits have a 14-inch barrel length, are fast drilling, and have a long life so you get years of good use.

For the best pool safety features, you have to have the best tools at your disposal. All-Safe’s pool fence drill guide and large selection of core drill bits are perfect for getting the pool fence post that you need to keep you loved ones safe all pool season long.