Pool Fence Gate Frames

Take the guesswork out of building your pool fence gate for your safer swimming pool area with a metal gate frame that’s installation-ready. Available in colors and mesh patterns that match our ASTM-compliant removable mesh pool fence, these frames make it easy to create a secure pool entry. These frames are strong, sag-free, and easy to install, whether you’re replacing a damaged gate or as part of a new DIY pool fence installation.

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Quality Metal Gate Frames

These are the same pool fence gates our independent installers use to protect the pools and spas in the communities they serve. The strong, lightweight frames have rip and UV-damage-resistant mesh stretched tautly over them. When properly installed using All-Safe Pool hardware using the spacing suggestions below, your pool gate will remain secure when latched, swing easily, and be gap-free, eliminating easy handholds for climbing or spaces that allow children and pets to push through.


Color-Match Your Fence

Our pool fence gates are designed to pair with the rest of our removable mesh pool fence products and parts to create a professionally finished look for your pool area.

  • Metal Gate Frames are available finished in smooth black, brown, or tan to match your swimming pool fence poles. 
  • Choose from Malibu or Hampton Mesh in the color options that suit your fence best.


Whichever color and mesh pattern you choose, you’re getting a gate that’s built to last.

Keep Your Safety Barrier Secure

Pool safety barriers save lives. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance cites a lack of safety barriers as a contributing factor in the thousands of drowning-related deaths reported annually. Your pool fence gate plays a vital role in keeping the entry to your pool area secure. Our strong metal gate frames with pre-stretched mesh fabric resist climbing and environmental damage while helping to prevent unsupervised access to your swimming pool area. 

Order Your Pool Fence Gates

When you’re ready to create a safer pool area for your friends, family, and pets, we have the barriers, parts, and accessories you need to protect your pool. If you need help from an experienced pool installation expert, schedule a consultation with your local All-Safe Pool professional. They’re dedicated to creating safer pools in your community through new installations, repairs, and pool safety inspections. Order your pool fence gate frames from All-Safe Pool today.

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