Empty Pool Cover Options

Many pool owners contact us looking for a safety solution for their empty pool. In some cases, insurance companies, or banks may be asking for the pool to be protected in order to secure financing. There are several options to choose from based on how you plan to maintain your pool once it’s emptied. If you are working with a bank, insurance company or inspector, make sure you ask them directly what is being required of you and what options they will approve. Every entity has their own rules and regulations and they do vary. Always check prior to installing the product you choose. 

Available options for an empty pool

Safety Nets are a solution if you want to offer protection for your empty pool and plan to potentially use your pool somewhere down the road. Safety Netting still allows smaller debris and water to go through the 3-½ inch holes. Safety nets are tested to hold up to 485 pounds (this testing was completed with water in the pool). You can also opt to have a Leaf Cover installed on top of the Safety Net to keep smaller debris from going into the pool (Leaf Covers are not offered on an empty pool without a net installed). Water will still collect at the bottom of the pool and will need to be emptied/pumped out from time to time. 

  • Average Installed Price: $1,500 – $3,000
  • Optional Leaf Cover Installed Price: $1,500 – $3,000
  • Lead Time: Typically installed in just a few days from contract signing
  • Removal Time: 5-15 minutes

These systems are very popular in states that experience snow and have to cover their pools for months at a time. Winter Pool Covers also offer protection for an empty pool. Made out of polypropylene fabrics and double webbing, they offer safety and keep most debris from even getting into the pool. The cover is attached to anchors that are drilled into the deck and secured with springs. 

There are three types of fabric to choose from: Standard Mesh, Super Mesh and Vinyl Fabric. The mesh fabrics will still allow water to get through the cover and will need to be pumped out from time to time. Vinyl fabric comes with two options, you can have a mesh drain installed (standard) to allow water to drain from the cover or you can opt for a pump (extra cost) to pump water off the cover. Keep in mind that when you have vinyl fabric, any water on your cover will start to weigh your cover down and can cause premature wearing of the material due to the weight of the water pulling the material at the seams. Even with a mesh drain installed on vinyl fabric, all water left sitting on the cover that is not draining, can cause problems. Our Winter Pool Cover manufacturer, The Cover Company, does not offer a warranty on any cover installed on an empty pool. 

You can download the Winter Cover Brochure, here

  • Average Installed Price: $2,500 – $4,500
  • Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks after on site measurements are completed
  • Removal Time: 20-40 minutes

Empty Pool Q & A

No, neither the safety net nor winter cover will allow you to use the space. You cannot walk or play on either of these covers

Yes, you will still need to make sure water is pumped out from the pool from time to time 

All safety covers offered are tested for drowning prevention with water in the pool. The weight capacities mentioned are from testing that was completed with water in the pool. It is common for these covers to be used for empty pools, but there is no specific testing done in the pool safety industry for fall protection.

No, Automatic Pool Covers rely on the buoyancy of the pool water to operate and cannot be used on an empty pool. 

Interested in a quote to cover your empty pool? Contact your local reseller to see if they offer Safety Nets and/or Winter Pool covers. If they do, they can provide you with a quote for product & installatoin

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Inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

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