Peg Pole Mesh Pool Fence

DIY Mesh Peg Pole Fencing for Pools

If you’re ready to install your own swimming pool safety fence, a peg pole mesh fence by All-Safe is a DIY mesh pool fence solution that you can complete at your own pace.

When properly installed, our DIY fence offers exceptional safety, reliability, and a tailored appearance. Install a pool fence yourself and save money on installation costs. Start by consulting a local pool fence expert in your area for a free quote to determine your savings.

DIY Pool Fence: Project Preparation

Installing a DIY mesh pool fence requires considerable and careful effort. A single mistake in drilling anchor points can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your pool deck, as well as weaken the safety qualities of the fence. For this reason, most homeowners choose to have their fences installed by a professional team.

All-Safe can support your DIY installation with key tools to help you perform a top-quality job. Our ⅝ Inch Core Bit drills precision holes that hold the support pegs for the fence poles. Our Drill Guide is designed for using a rotary hammer drill to place the holes at precise angles.

We do offer 1″ Poles instead of Peg. However, you need to have the proper tools to install the one inch fencing (core drill) and there are no guides or installation support. Click here to see our 1″ Pole Sections of Fencing

Order All-Safe DIY Fencing Supplies

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