Deck Plugs & Sleeves

Pool fence deck sleeves and pool deck plugs are two of the smallest components for All-Safe swimming pool barriers, but their importance is greater than their compact size might suggest. Our deck sleeves help keep your pool barrier firmly in place at each anchor point. When the barrier is removed, our deck plugs cap the holes to prevent them from detracting from the appearance of your deck.

Deck Plugs and Sleeves

All-Safe offers three pool fence deck sleeve and pool deck plug sizes. Order your choice of matching Deck Plugs and Deck Sleeves from our online store, in the sizes and colors listed below. Please note that ⅝” deck plugs and sleeves are designed for our DIY Pool Fencing.

Sleeve Sizes and Colors

  • 1-¼” Diameter Sleeve for 1″ Fence Poles – Colors: Red, Brown, Putty
  • 1-⅛” Diameter Sleeve for 1″ Fence Poles – Colors: Tan
  • ⅝” Diameter Sleeve for ½” Peg Fence Poles – Colors: Gray, Tan, White/Clear

Plug Sizes and Colors

  • Plug for 1-¼” Diameter Sleeve – Colors: Red, Putty
  • Plug for 1-⅛” Diameter Sleeve – Colors: Tan,
  • Plug for ⅝” Diameter Sleeve – Colors: Gray, Tan, White/Clear

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