Safe Swimming Pool Water Features

Your swimming pool is your own personal heaven, where you and your family can relax on a hot summer day. It’s only natural that you’d want it to be beautiful — that’s why you take such care to clear away algae, fish out debris, and may even install gorgeous water features that turn it into a veritable oasis.

Water features can definitely add to the overall look of your pool or spa. However, it’s possible that they may compromise the overall safety of your pool. Water features may be bumped into or tripped over, especially by children, so setting effective pool rules is essential.

The real danger comes from how your safety barrier interacts with these features. It’s very important to have a custom pool fence or pool net that keeps young children away from the pool while unsupervised.

All Safe unsupervised Pools
All Safe custom pool fence


Let’s take a look at some of the most common water features in residential pools, as well as some tips for swimming pool feature safety.

Natural Rock

All Safe Natural Rock Pools

Rock can make a backyard pool look like a natural part of the landscape. There are hundreds of thousands of different types that can add a unique aesthetic to your outdoor space, and may even provide a setting reminiscent of exotic parts of the world.

But those natural rocks can be dangerous if not properly implemented. Install this swimming pool feature with safety in mind by keeping a clear and even walking path to prevent tripping, and minimizing overhangs where a swimmer my hit their head.

It’s also best to completely encompass the rocks with your swimming pool fence, otherwise, children may climb on the rocks, or use them as a platform to jump over the fence & into the pool area. You should also make sure that safety nets and covers can be properly anchored around them so that they’re strong enough to support the weight they need to.


All Safe Waterfalls Pools

Whether you go for a modern style or something more natural, adding a waterfall to your pool always makes it look more elegant and sophisticated. Like most water features, a waterfall will not only enhance the look of your pool, it can even increase the overall value of your property!

Of course, your waterfall won’t be impressing anyone if it’s not well cared for. It’s important to clean and treat your waterfall tank regularly; although the tank is pulling chlorinated, sanitized water from the pool, the constant moisture in the tank can be a breeding ground for algae and moss. Simply taking a scrub brush to the tank at least once a month can keep your waterfall from dumping nasty microorganisms right into your pool water, which can affect your pool’s balance more than a whole pile of leaves!

It’s also very important to make sure the area around your swimming pool feature is safe. Splashback from the waterfall can make the pool deck around it quite wet (and therefore prone to slippery moss growth), so make sure to clean it regularly. A clean pool deck is absolutely critical to prevent slips, spills, and injuries — and trust us, wiping away moss is much easier than helping a hurt swimmer.


All Safe Fountains

Swimming pool fountains are a popular water feature that can take on many forms. Three tiers of jets streaming from the middle of your pool? Got it. A row of bubblers springing up in the shallow end? Done. A sculpture of Poseidon surrounded by a pool of mermaids? It’ll cost you, but it’s possible.

But whatever form your pool fountain takes, it’s very important that you take good care of it — after all, you and your family aren’t the only ones enjoying it. Fountains, particularly ones that feature separate pools of water, inevitably attract birds, squirrels, and other critters. For ultimate swimming pool feature safety, fountains shouldn’t be treated with the same chemicals as your pool water. Look for filtration options that kill algae but are safe for wildlife to drink, such as ultraviolet clarifiers or barley straw extracts.

It’s also important to have the proper tools to consider little ones’ (we’re talking toddlers and pets) safety with this swimming pool feature. If your water feature is connected to the larger pool, make sure you get a pool cover large enough to block it off. If the fountain is detached from the pool, you may want to consider getting a smaller cover that prevents access to any stagnant water.

Deck Jets

All Safe Deck Jet Pools

This water feature involves small jets installed on the pool walls or in areas outside the pool. When they’re turned on, they shoot a thin stream of water into the pool, adding a touch of whimsy to your swimming area. You can even add colored light or create timed “routines” for the jets to add a little more magic!

Like the other swimming pool features, safety means keeping your deck jets clean and free of algae, as water from dirty jets will impact the cleanliness of your pool. However, deck jets present another, slightly more harrowing risk: they are very popular with kids. If you’ve ever seen this water feature in action (maybe at a water park or public fountain), you know what we mean: a small child, fascinated by the jets, will often chase after the stream of water — and if it leads to the pool, you could be in for real trouble.

There’s one simple solution to make this water feature safe: use a pool fence to keep kids out! By fencing off the pool area, you can prevent kids from getting distracted by the jets and falling into the water. Though it may seem obvious, this is one pool safety feature we can’t recommend enough, and it’s one that can make all the difference for your family.

Talk to a Pool Safety Expert About Your Water Feature

At All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers, we want you to have a swimming pool that beautiful, relaxing, and safe. So whether you install an elegant fountain, a modern waterfall, a row of fun deck jets, or some other swimming pool feature, safety should always be priority number one.

Want to make your pool safe, but not sure where to start? We have pool safety professionals all over the country who would be happy to help you!

Find your local All-Safe dealer today and find out how we can work together to make your swimming pool safe for your family.

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