Mesh Pool Covers

What is a pool cover?
All-Safe mesh pool covers are made of the strongest, most durable mesh material specifically designed to protect your children and make pool maintenance easier. Sometimes known as winter pool covers or pool safety covers, many areas of the country use our inground pool cover during the winter months to prevent trees and snow from infiltrating their pools. Rainwater will pass through the mesh fabric, but keep out leaves and debris.

Once summer comes back around, mesh pool cover owners simply remove the cover and any accumulated debris and reopen the area for swimming. For those who are lucky enough to have swimming weather year-round, these inground pool covers can be used to provide a strong safety barrier that keeps children and pets out of the pool.

The strong, durable straps also allow the inground pool cover to hold the weight of adults if there is an emergency. With all the benefits of an All-Safe custom pool cover, the only problem you will have is deciding which mesh color brings out the best of your outdoor pool area.
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A Safe and Strong Priority

A mesh pool cover is one of the most reliable options for swimming pool safety. The strength of mesh inground pool covers primarily comes from straps that stretch across the pool and anchor the material onto the pool deck. The straps are spaced about every 3-5 feet and create a strong, durable and weather resistant mesh grid. This mesh is practically impossible to break with your bare hands and has been seen supporting the weight of a car or even a baby elephant, though we don’t recommend trying that out yourself. All-Safe covers are independently tested to meet or exceed standards of safety set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
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How safe and strong are safety pool covers?

Customizable and Reliable

Is a pool safety cover easy to use?
We custom fit every mesh pool cover to the correct size and shape of your pool for optimal safety and protection. You can even choose from several different colors, including green, tan, blue, and black, to match their outdoor area. The ideal layout for an inground mesh pool cover is one that does not have raised walls, multiple step-ups or rock formations, however those can be addressed depending on the situation. All-Safe custom pool covers look and function best when they are flat, so pools with anything more than ladder rails, dive stands or single step-ups should be evaluated to make sure the product is the right match for your needs.
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Heat Retention & Evaporation

While custom pool covers are perfect for keeping unwanted leaves and other small debris out of your pool, they do not significantly retain heat or reduce evaporation. You will notice less evaporation and water loss with a mesh pool cover, but automatic pool covers are best to reduce evaporation and preserve temperature.

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Do mesh covers help to heat my pool or reduce evaporation?

Purchase and Installation

How do I buy an All-Safe mesh pool cover?
All-Safe products are available through your local independent dealer. After a free onsite estimate, your dealer will help you plan your pool safety measures and what products will work and look best for your home. The average cost for a mesh pool cover is between $2,500 and $4,500, including installation. The cost depends on where you live and the design of your swimming pool. Because we customize your pool cover, large freeform shaped pools that have different levels and obstructions will cost more than small single level rectangular pools.
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Estimated Time

After a local technician measures your pool area, manufacturing begins on your custom pool cover. During our busy season, this process can take 4 weeks or more because of the influx of custom orders, but during the off-season, this time will typically be less. Once your inground pool cover is complete, we will ship it to your local dealer or directly to your home. Your local All-Safe dealer will set up an installation appointment to anchor the inground pool cover, which should only take a few hours, and show you how to remove, replace and maintain your new pool cover.

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What can I expect on the day of installation?

Applying and Removing Your Cover

Why choose a mesh cover vs other covers?
While you will learn how to remove and replace your mesh pool cover safely, most of our customers only remove and replace their covers a few times a year. Maintaining your inground pool cover does not take much work, but we do not recommend that inexperienced individuals attempt to move the mesh pool cover by themselves because the covers can be heavy. It can take 10 – 30 minutes or more to remove a mesh pool cover, and larger covers can take even longer.
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DIY Installation

If you have experience hammer drilling and/or core drilling into concrete among other construction experience, you can likely install a custom pool cover. It is important to note, however, that any drilling mistakes are not easily fixed, which is why we always recommend professional installation. Using a professional also preserves the manufacturer’s warranty. The best solution is to talk to your All-Safe dealer about your concerns and to find the best option for you.

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Can I install the cover myself?

The All-Safe Advantage

Why choose a pool safety cover from All-Safe?
With more than 25 years of providing and installing custom pool covers, we know how to create the ideal cover for every family for the greatest effect on safety and aesthetics.

This personalization is included in our mesh pool covers, which are perfect for those who want to keep leaves and debris out of their pools, especially for an “off season.” Our inground pool covers are manufactured to be extremely safe with superior strength and design. Choosing mesh as your pool cover material is incredibly beneficial, as mesh pool covers do not collect water when it rains, they can fit pools of any size or shape, and they provide equal parts safety and durability, unlike tarp pool covers that are held in place with bags of water.

At All-Safe, we make every product with the care and customization it needs to ensure your family’s happiness and safety. If safety and debris protections are two of your top concerns, let us help you create the ideal inground pool cover for your needs. connect with your local dealer today to get started.
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