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For over 25+ years, All-Safe has been providing quality equipment to secure pool areas, saving the lives of children and pets

Choose the best Pool Safety Barrier for YOUR Family

All-Safe offers pool fencing or various cover options to secure your pool when not in use, keep out debris, and even operate automatically. Each of these safety solutions will be custom-made to the size and dimensions of your pool and installed by local independent professionals. Select “get a quote” to set up your expert consultation, or choose from the options below to learn more about your preferred method of pool safety.

Choose the best Pool Safety Barrier for YOUR Family

All-Safe offers pool fence that is safe, strong and removable, as well as all types of pool safety covers to protect your loved ones. These pool safety barriers are customized to the size and dimensions of your pool area. Choose one of the product options to learn more, or select “get a quote” to get a referral for an independent installer in your area.

Pool Fences

Removable pool fences are strong and climb resistant. The mesh is see through and provides a clear view of your pool area.

Pool Nets

Pool safety nets provide an aesthetically pleasing pool safety cover. Our ASTM compliant pool nets safely hold up to 485 lbs!

Pool Covers

Mesh pool covers are created for inground pools and not only keep children & pets safe, but also keep out debris for easier pool maintenance! Automatic pool covers are an easy and convenient, customizable option as well.

Need Help Deciding Which Pool Safety Solution works best for you?

Click the button to the right to check out our Pool Safety Barrier comparison chart.  Our breakdown will help narrow down the best choice out of all of our available products including cost, fit, installation, and ease of access! 

Why Choose All-Safe?

Huge Inventory of
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Expert Craftsmanship

30+ Years of
Manufacturing Expertise

All-Safe is the number one choice of satisfied customers nationwide. Our network of local installers and their expert pool safety consultants will work with you honestly and fairly to determine the best safety solution for your pool.

All-Safe is the number one choice of satisfied customers nationwide. Our network of local installers and their expert pool safety consultants will work with you honestly and fairly to determine the best safety solution for your pool.

Black Pool Fence surrounding the pool for optimum safety

Satisfied Customers

How Safe are All-Safe Products?

All-Safe has maintained a perfect safety record of zero drownings over 30+ years in business. The high-quality materials and installation practices used exceed nationally recognized standards for safety.

Aircraft-grade aluminum poles used to hold All-Safe pool fencing are extremely strong and durable. The self-latching key-lockable pool gates can be easily opened by adults while preventing access by small children. These pool gates are self-closing and the fence itself is highly climb-resistant. The fine mesh prevents children from securing a foothold as they might be able to with chain link or wrought iron fencing.

All-Safe offers mesh and automatic pool covers that are specialized for safety. They have been tested by independent third-party laboratories to verify they meet or exceeds the specifications outlined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Ultra-strong polyethylene netting gives All-Safe pool nets the capacity to hold the weight of a child and two adults, it’s rated at 485 lbs. The marine grade brass anchors and machine stamped stainless steel clips together create an exceptionally durable barrier. With over 25+ years of installing pool nets, All-Safe has never had a reported accident.

How to Get Started

Start on the path to a safer pool area by giving us a call at “Find a Local Installer”. Based on your location, you’ll be connected with a local independent reseller in your area. 

Enter your zip code to view the contact information of the independent installer that services your area. They will provide you with a free quote and will perform your installation. Peace of Mind is just a few clicks away.

tan automatic pool cover half extended over a pool

How Does the Installation Process Work?

The first step is for a technician to come and measure your pool area. Once you decide on a product, you can schedule your installation date.

On the day of installation, the installer will meet with you to review and approve the final layout. Pool fencing and Pool nets are customized on-site to fit your specific layout and are typically completed in just a few hours. Larger, more complicated jobs may take more then 1 day to complete. Once your installation is complete, you’ll be given a demonstration on how use, remove and put back up your barrier. It’s that simple!

Since Winter pool covers are custom manufactured off-site to fit the exact size and shape of your pool they can take up to 3 to 4 weeks before installation can be scheduled during the busy season. Upon delivery, installation of the anchors will take only a few hours.

Automatic pool covers are typically installed in one or two days, though the average time for custom manufacturing and delivery is 30-45+ days after the contract is signed.

Local installers are professionals who arrive on time and get the job done correctly. They respect your pool and property as if they were their own.


Putting Pool Safety into Practice

With All-Safe’s sturdy and reliable products, you can guard your family against accidental injury and create the safest environment for the happiest memories. You and your family deserve the best and we know that there is absolutely no room to compromise. Learn more about All-Safe pool fencespool nets, and pool covers to find the best safety solution for your swimming area.

Contact your local reseller today to get started.

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