The Damage Leaves Can Do to Your Pool


The changing colors of Autumn can be a truly beautiful sight to see. But pool owners see the changing leaves a little differently. While everyone can appreciate the crisp colors, pool owners know that when those leaves fall, it will mean a lot of debris to keep out of the pool.

Having leaves in the pool can mean extra time emptying the filter basket, skimming them from the surface, and brushing them off the bottom. A leaf pool cover can be a big help in keeping the pool clear, because those leaves can do a lot of damage if left unchecked.

How Leaves Affect Your Pool’s Chemistry

An accumulation of leaves in your pool will throw the pH level out of balance, and can over-tax sanitizing chemicals like chlorine. Typically this means greater acidity, or a lower pH level.

The longer leaves are in your pool, the greater the damage. Leaves are an additional surface that will host the growth of algae. As they begin to decompose, they will break into smaller and smaller bits that can be more difficult to thoroughly clean.

When closing the pool for the off-season or an extended length of time, it’s best to use a heavy mesh winter pool cover that can keep out debris and is sturdy enough to walk on.

The Benefits of a Leaf Pool Cover

pool cover

Specially-made leaf pool covers are easier to use than heavier mesh pool covers, and can be removed or replaced in about 5-15 minutes. Made from high-quality, polyethylene materials, they keep most leaves and debris out of the pool while allowing rainfall to pass through. They can even support added weight during emergencies when installed over an safety net.

pool net

Which Leaf Pool Cover Type Should I Choose?

All-Safe provides a leaf pool cover with and without a safety net; pool safety nets are not only compatible with the leaf covers, but they also increase your pool’s safety. Furthermore, a leaf net pool cover with the added safety net is ASTM compliant and built to support up to 485 pounds.

Talk With a Local Pool Safety Expert

You can get an expert on the phone for help determining the right barrier to use with your pool, both for keeping out debris and providing safety for your family. Call your local All-Safe dealer for help with excess leaves in your pool, so you can better enjoy the autumn season.

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