The Swim Safety Checklist for Parents with Pools


Time spent swimming can be the highlight of the summer months and lead to good times you’ll always remember. But swimming can also be dangerous! These tips on All-Safe’s pool safety checklist can help you stay safe by the pool.

  • Use a Pool Safety Fence

Pool Fences save lives, and they’re required by every state in some form or another. Use the self-closing and self-locking latch to ensure no gate is accidentally left open.

  • Watch Kids While they Swim

Drowning in real life often happens without so much as a splash. Keep your eyes on your kids and set effective pool safety rules.

  • Reinforce Pool Covers with Safety Nets

If you use a leaf cover to keep debris out of the pool, do it over a pool net to make sure it’s strong enough not to break if someone falls onto it.

  • Teach Your Kids to Swim

Swim safety starts with learning to swim! Swimming lessons can help keep your kids safe if they happen to fall into the pool.

  • Ensure Covers and Nets are ASTM Approved

ASTM approved covers and nets go through various safety tests and are only of the highest standards in the industry.

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