5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Swimming Pool Cover


Installing an inground pool cover brings all sorts of benefits. While your pool is exposed to the elements, the water will constantly evaporate along with the expensive chemistry you use to keep it clean. When you install a pool safety cover, you’ll be making your pool a safer place when not in use, as well as saving the water, temperature, and chemicals. While you’ll get these benefits to some degree from most pool cover types, automatic pool covers will protect your water the best.

Here are 5 reasons to use pool covers:

    1. Slowing Down Evaporation
      If evaporation occurs, you will have to compensate for not only the water that is lost, but also for the change in temperature. With the right swimming pool cover, however, you can slow down this process and make sure that you don’t waste as much water.
    2. Pool Covers Help Maintain Water Temperature
      When you install an inground pool cover, you help protect your water at night or during cold days, which significantly prevents heat loss. With a cover, the water will retain more of its heat at night. This will reduce your heating costs by a big margin over the long term.
    3. Reduce Chemical Usage
      Your pool’s chemical balance can change depending on the environment. One of the most significant contributing factors to the breakdown of your pool chemistry is actually sunlight. Covering your pool to reduce the sunlight prolongs the effective time of chlorine and other chemicals, as well as hinders the growth rate of algae.
    4. Keep Your Pool Clean
      An open swimming pool means all types of stuff can find its way into the water, including leaves, branches, insects, toys from your children or pets, and almost anything that the wind manages to pick up. While pool safety nets can keep people safe, a good cover will protect the pool itself. Installing a pool safety cover will help keep your family and pets protected while keeping your pool clean in the process.
    5. Safety & Protection
      Durable swimming pool covers not only protect your pool water, they protect people and pets from falling into the water too. Some types of covers can hold up to several hundred pounds of weight. Whether you have a pool fence or not, choosing to install an inground pool cover can provide a good level of protection. Some points to keep in mind are:

      1. Sturdier automatic pool covers will be heavy and need a track system
      2. Don’t expect solar covers and tarps to provide much safety for people
      3. More protection means a higher cost, but much better safety for your loved ones

Talk to an Expert

If you have a pool, it is important to consider installing a swimming pool cover. The specific cover will depend on your budget, needs, and preferences, but luckily there are plenty of options available to help in your decision-making process. Consult a local dealer and schedule a free on-site estimate to find the best pool cover for you.

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