5 Awesome Pool Gift Ideas

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5 Awesome Swimming Pool Gift Ideas

Pools are the perfect place for kids and adults to unwind, have fun, and spend quality time with their friends and family. If you’re looking for unbeatable swimming pool gift ideas to make this time more enjoyable and even safer, consider these awesome options.

pool slide for kids

Inflatable Pool Slide for Kids

When looking for swimming pool gift ideas, remember that kids love waterparks. An inflatable pool slide can bring the fun to your own backyard. This is the perfect gift for pool-owning parents. Of course, All-Safe recommends parents take the necessary precautions and use safety measures, such as alarms, to make sure that fun doesn’t go unsupervised.

Buoyant Safety Ball

Toy balls are a common pool-side sight, but not all of them can take full advantage of your pool. Buoyant watermelon balls are a great pool gift idea. They’re a chance for kids to exercise and have fun on either side of your pool safety fence. The best part about them is how they behave underwater. They are partially filled with water to stay buoyant and can be kicked, passed, dribbled, and bounced in and out of the pool for hours of fun.

watermelon ball

Pool Safety Net

Pool safety net

All-Safe knows that safety is every parent’s #1 priority, and it’s ours too. Pools are meant to be a fun and healthy setting and we want to make sure it stays that way with no hazards. With pool safety nets, parents can relax knowing that children are safe to play around the pool without accidentally falling in or going swimming unsupervised. One of the safest new pool gift ideas available, pool safety nets are a great alternative to other barriers that may block views of the swimming pool.

Lightweight Float Wristband

Swimmers and parents alike will say that safety always comes first, even when looking for swimming pool gift ideas for pool owners. If you’re looking for a way to keep little swimmers afloat and safe in case of an emergency, consider investing in a lightweight float wristband, an easy-to-use device where one pull of a lever will inflate an emergency balloon that keeps the wearer buoyant.


Color-Changing Underwater LED Lamp

Color changing LED lamp

A dash of color makes everything better. Most pools have incandescent bulbs that consume a lot of energy, but with a color-changing underwater LED lamp, you can use less energy with LED technology and make nighttime swimming more fun than ever before. This technology has you covered whether you’re feeling red, purple, blue or anything in between. At the touch of a button, you can change the atmosphere of your underwater world.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Whether you’re looking for pool accessories as holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or simply a personal treat to yourself, these swimming pool gift ideas are the perfect addition to every pool owner’s home. If you’re interested in a pool safety net or have other safety questions, contact your local All-Safe dealer!

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