How a Pool Cover and a Pool Fence Can Enhance Safety and Security


How Pool Security Fencing & Covers Enhance Safety

A pool on your property is a relaxing and enjoyable private retreat. Unfortunately, pools can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. Don’t let potential dangers get in the way of your family fun by taking certain precautions with a pool security cover or fence before it’s time for a swim.

Add a Pool Cover or Net

There is always a risk of people or pets falling into the pool. This is especially dangerous for young children, particularly when they are unattended. Even worse, children may decide to play by the pool or swim on their own without supervision by an adult. One-third of accidental deaths among children age 1-4 in 2014 was due to drowning. The majority occurred in home swimming pools.

You can avoid this potential disaster by keeping a pool cover or net in place over your pool. Should a person fall in unintentionally, the cover will prevent them from submerging. They can then make their way over to the edge or call out for help.

Types of Pool Covers

There are many different types of pool covers, all varying in price and offering distinct advantages They can also be used in addition to pool security fencing. Mesh covers are some of the most popular kinds because they are well-priced, long-lasting, and exceptionally durable.

Automatic covers are some of the best pool security covers available because they are easy to use and also help preserve water levels & temperature. With the press of a button, you can have your pool cover close off the entire pool. It’s important to commit to a pool safety barrier that you know will actually use every time.


Install a Pool Fence

Another security measure you can consider is the addition of a pool security fence. These structures prevent people from getting in or even close to your pool, so the potential for accidents is greatly reduced. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing unwanted visitors can’t easily get in your pool without your permission.

Types of Pool Fences

Just like with pool covers, there are many great types of fences to choose from, and they can be installed in addition to a pool security cover.

We recommend mesh fencing because it is remarkably strong and durable. The mesh weave is tight to prevent children from getting a handhold and climbing over it and does not impede the view of your pool.

Consult With an Expert

Having structures around or over your pool can save you, your family, and even your visitors, from accidents. A free consultation with your local All-Safe dealer is a great way to determine the best pool security fence or safety barrier for your pool. Connect with an expert today.

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