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Pool Fence Types

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Benefits & Features of Top 5 Pool Fence Types

Pool fencing is extremely important for your ensuring safety around your swimming pool. Not only can they help protect children from getting near the water, they can also prevent accidental falls of adults too. Besides, these barricades can also help keep your pets and unwanted animals out of the pool. There are different Pool Fence Types and you should choose the one that ideally suits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

1. Aluminum Pool Fencing

Aluminum pool fences are valued for their high level of durability and anti-rusting properties. These Pool Fence Types are also relatively cheaper to install. They are durable and are considered to be almost unbreakable. You should choose Aluminum when you are looking for a simple and straightforward fencing.

2. Glass Pool Fence

While Aluminum Pool Fence Types offer durability and simplicity, glass pool fencing adds to these benefits by providing unobstructed view around your pool. They are also durable. The best thing about glass fences is that they don’t interfere with your landscape. If they are high enough, children and pets will not be able to claim these fences.

Glass fences are quite popular, and are available in two options:

  • Semi-frameless
  • Frameless

They provide a more contemporary look to your pool. Because they are available in reasonable thicknesses, you don’t have to worry about these Pool Fence Types from breaking. Glass fences are also easy to maintain, as they require nothing more than once in a week wiping. These are however permanent fixtures and you cannot remove them during the winters.

3. Mesh Pool Fences

Mesh Pool Fence Types are typically woven with steel and are quite strong and rust-free. They provide the benefits of glass fences while not working as barriers for strong gusts of wind. They will also allow you to get a view of the area around the pool. Because the chain links are too small, mesh fences don’t allow children or pets to climb up.

4. Wrought Iron Pool Fences

Wrought iron fences were once quite popular, and are still cherished for their antique designs, durability and elegance. These Pool Fence Types must be designed in ways that children cannot climb up the bars. Although mesh and glass fences have increasingly replaced them, many homeowners prefer wrought iron pool fencing for their classic appeal and aesthetics. However, you should be ready to spend more on these fences.

5. Wood Pool Fences

If you thought wrought iron fencing looks classic, wooden Pool Fence Types are even more traditional. You should choose them if you need privacy. Besides, they are available in a variety of:

  • Designs
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Sizes

Wood fencing is also durable and lasts long if you maintain it well. You will have to paint and treat it once or twice annually.

There are other Pool Fence Types including vinyl, which is available in almost endless colors and designs. Consider the benefits of different fencing materials and your preferences before making the right choice.

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