4 Sure Fire Ways To Make Your Home Swimming Pool Safe


The greatest way of providing water safety assurance in swimming pools usually comes from practicing and adopting as many water safety measures as realistically possible; this is because you don’t really know which of your safety measures will make a life-saving difference until it does. It is worth mentioning that since no single safety measure is foolproof, it is usually recommended that these safety systems be used in conjunction with each other.

From pool barriers like fences and nets to chemical safety, here are 4 ways to help make your swimming pool safe.

1. Install A Pool Barrier Such As A Removable Pool Fence

A barrier refers to a physical obstacle such as a removable fence, which surrounds a pool to limit to unsupervised swimmers. These barriers are fundamental to a safe swimming pool, and are required in most of the United States.

An effective pool barrier should prevent children from getting under, through or over the pool fence and getting into the pool. If you have pets at your home, the pool fence acts as a deterrent to your pets from gaining access to the swimming pool area. The pool fence should be, at minimum, 4 feet tall.

It should be made from high-strength mesh or other materials without any foot or handholds which may allow a child to climb. Vertical slats should be less than four inches apart to prevent kids from squeezing through the openings. Also, the clearance at the very bottom of the barrier should not be in excess of 4 inches above the ground. It is also recommended to install a pool fence gate that opens outward from the pool and it should be self-latching and closing. The fixed latches should be placed out of the reach of children.

There are various types of fences available to make your swimming pool safer. Removable pool fences are the most popular for safety and versatility.

Customized Removable Pool Fence
Installing a removable pool fence will help reduce pool accidents.

2. Install A Pool Alarm

Pool alarms are used to alert adults when there is unauthorized access to the swimming pool. Alarms can be used on swimming pool gates as well as door alarms when the house is considered as the fourth wall of the pool perimeter. A pool alarm is activated when the door is opened. There are also wave alarms, which are usually mounted or fixed at the edge or a corner of the pool, and are set off when a certain amount of water is displaced.

To help make your swimming pool the safest, an alarm system should sound for more than thirty seconds and within a period of seven seconds after it has been activated. The alarm sound should be quite distinct from other sounds in the house such as other alarms (i.e. smoke, burglar etc) and sound alerts such as a doorbell or telephone.

3. Install A Pool Safety Net or Cover

A safe swimming pool cover needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of two adults and a child so as to allow a rescue mission in case someone falls in. Mesh pool covers, also known as safety pool covers, are a great option when it comes to swimming pool safety. They are exceptionally strong, very secure and meet the ASTM standard for swimming pool safety covers.

A Vinyl Pool Cover or Automatic Pool Cover is a motorized or manual barrier that is placed over your swimming pool’s water surface and is easy to open and close. When such as cover is properly in place over the pool, it provides a high level of safety cover for children who are aged below five years since it inhibits their access to the water.

Swimming pool safety nets are easier to use than most types of covers, with the exception of automatic covers.

4. Keep Chemicals and Cleaning Products Under Lock And Key

Your swimming pool requires certain cleaning chemicals in the right amounts, such as chlorine and other treatments, to keep your swimming pool safe, clean and clear. These items should never be left out in the open because they pose a danger to children who may inadvertently drink or even burn themselves. Even when stored in a secure place, they should never be placed under direct sunlight. If there is no storage area around the swimming pool, Ensure that these products are stored securely in a dedicated storage space.

Pool safety is not confined to one single activity. There should be some concerted effort to educate and inform everyone in the family about the do’s and don’ts of the pool. Adults should be made aware of their supervisory responsibilities and children should be informed of the dangers of their pool when they swim unattended.

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