Is a Pool Fence Needed for an Above-Ground Pool?

above ground pool with a small elevated wooden deck

Above-ground pool fences help keep your pool area safer and secure it against unsupervised access. Above-ground pools are popular in areas with high water tables or when space is at a premium. They can also be cheaper and require less upkeep than inground swimming pools. Removable pool fencing lets you enjoy the savings in space and money these pools offer while still keeping above-ground pool safety a priority. 

Preventing Accidental Drownings

Accidental drowning injuries cause thousands of fatalities annually, and tens of thousands more drowning victims receive medical attention after a close call. A contributing factor in most drownings is a lack of adequate safety barriers, according to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. An above-ground pool fence can help create a safer swimming pool area by forming a secure perimeter that deters unsupervised access by pets, children, or at-risk individuals.

Myth: Above Ground Pools are Inherently Safer

small above-ground pool in a lush backyard

You may have heard that above-ground pool safety isn’t a concern because the edge of the pool sits higher off the ground–sometimes several feet higher. Since these pools often require the use of ladders for easy entry, pool owners assume simply removing, blocking, or securing the ladders helps prevent accidental drownings. The truth is that’s not nearly enough.

Why Your Above-Ground Pool Still Needs a Pool Fence

Above-ground pools can still be incredibly dangerous, especially if a weak or disoriented swimmer enters the water without supervision. They can be injured, become fatigued, find themselves lost under the surface, or suffer a medical emergency. Immersion takes seconds to become a life-threatening danger, so pool owners must ensure they control access to the swimming pool.

In addition, many jurisdictions require a pool fence around any pool or spa, regardless of whether it sits in or on top of the ground. You may also be subject to HOA bylaws or insurance carrier requirements. An above-ground pool fence may not just be a smart choice for safety but also a requirement placed on you as the property owner as soon as you install your above-ground pool.

Benefits of an Above-Ground Pool Fence

While above-ground pool safety is always a priority, installing a removable pool fence comes with a host of benefits. These not only help ensure your swimming pool doesn’t become the sight of a tragedy but also help maximize your investment in your backyard oasis.

  1. Protects Children and At-Risk Adults

Above-ground pool safety relies on making sure a competent swimmer is around any time the pool is in use. The walls of most above-ground pools are relatively short compared to the 60” height of a five-foot removable mesh pool fence. They can be climbed over easily with the use of poolside chairs or equipment. Smaller above-ground pools may not even require equipment for athletic or determined children.

Adding a removable pool fence gives you a tall safety barrier that is built to deter climbing. In addition, the minimal gaps don’t have the space for a child to slip through. The only point of entry is the self-closing, self-latching gate that you can secure when the pool isn’t in use. You can even add a pool gate alarm for extra protection.

  1. Keeps Pets and Other Animals Safer

Pets and wildlife can be drawn to the pool as a water source or relief from the heat. The problem is that once they make it into the above-ground pool, it’s more difficult for them to get back out. A removable pool fence not only provides a tall barrier that prevents jumping but also has minimalized gaps to prevent push-through, while the bottom line of the fence makes it difficult to go underneath it to gain entry.

  1. Prevents Trash and Debris

Your above-ground pool fence can catch trash, sticks, and debris that may otherwise blow into your swimming pool, where it increases your upkeep and contaminates your water. Trash can be easily gathered from around the perimeter fence to keep your pool and yard cleaner. When used in conjunction with a pool cover, your fence helps keep your swimming pool ready with clean water when it’s time to open up your pool.

  1. Serves as a Barrier Against External Pool Damage
inflated pool tube floating in an above-ground pool

Along with stopping trash, your removable mesh pool fence can help keep physical hazards away from the swimming pool. This can be especially important with soft-sided above-ground pools that can easily be punctured by wind-blown debris or animal claws. While the removable pool fence may be damaged, it can be easily fixed with swimming pool fence repair parts to maintain above-ground pool safety–often at a lower cost than replacing a ruined pool. 

  1. Maintains Yard Space and Aesthetics

While your above-ground pool fence’s primary job is safety, you’ve spent a lot of money creating the perfect backyard oasis for relaxation and enjoyment, and you don’t want to lose that. Unlike traditional pool fences that require permanent structures that may limit your space or be unsightly, a removable pool fence can be taken down and moved completely out of the way when you need more space for hosting or just want to enjoy your full yard.

  1. Easy to Maintain

The last thing you want is one more maintenance concern in your pool area, especially when you chose an above-ground pool for its ease of use. A removable mesh pool fence is easy to clean, requiring no more than a hose and the occasional soft-bristled brush with some light detergent. Replacement parts are readily available for repair or to reconfigure your swimming pool safety barrier to accommodate changes to your yard, landscaping, or swimming pool.

Professionally Installed Above-Ground Pool Fence Quotes

It’s easy to get the protection your above-ground pool needs for safety. Your local, independent All-Safe Pool installation pro is your community’s go-to source for pool safety barriers. They’ll schedule a time to visit your property, identify your most pressing needs, and tailor an above-ground pool fence quote that works for you. A removable mesh pool fence is the most cost-effective peace of mind you can buy. Request your free quote from All-Safe Pool today.

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