6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe Around The Swimming Pool


The scorching heat of a hot summer day provides enough reason for your dog to jump in an unprotected swimming pool. Although, a swimming pool is the best way to cool down during summers for both humans and pets, accidents may happen if you leave pets unattended. Here are 6 ways to keep your dog safe around the swimming pool.

1. Swimming Lessons

The first thing to protect your dog from drowning in a pool is to make them learn how to swim. An obedient dog will be able to learn how to swim easily, although if you are finding it hard to provide swimming lessons, you may take help from a dog trainer to ensure your pet’s safety. All dogs are genetically blessed with the art of paddling in water and getting out of it, but that does not ensure their safety in deep water. Therefore, it is better to teach them how to swim through regular lessons.

Give your dog swimming lessons.

2. Safety Training

Training your dog for pool safety is another way to protect them from any accident. Make them learn all the safety rules that are applicable for small children. Dogs may drown in the pool silently while playing near the pool. They may also slip in while running in the pool area. Avoid allowing your dog to drink water from the pool as it increases the chances of drowning, especially if they are not trained to swim properly.

3. Install A Pool Fence

A pool fence is the best way to keep your dog from drowning accidentally. You may choose from a variety of pool fencing depending on your need without compromising on the look of your swimming pool. A removable mesh pool fence will keep your pet safe and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your pool. Avoid using floating covers, because it increases the chances of drowning, if your dog falls under it. Pool fencing provides increased protection without the need for you to supervise your pet all the time.

4. Dog Life Vests

Invest in life vests if your dog wants to play in or near the swimming pool and has no or very little swimming experience. Such vests ensure your dog’s safety in water and keeps them from drowning. It is especially important for older dogs that tend to get tired easily in water. Choose a bright color to spot your dog easily in water.

5. Health Check-ups

Since swimming activity needs a lot of stamina, it is imperative to ensure that your dog is fit enough to get in water. Some dogs may have decreased vision, which may make them prone to fall in water while playing near the pool. It may also increase the risk of drowning when inside the pool. There could be a number of health issues, especially in senior dogs that may reduce your dog’s safety in pool.

6. Learn CPR for Dogs

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) could save your pets life if they somehow drown in the pool water. It is the only thing you can do after you rescue your dog from the pool to bring his breathing back to normal. Therefore, it is essential to learn CPR and provide first aid, in case your dog has drowned.

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