Which Pool Fence Is Best For Me?

Residential Pool Fence

A pool fence is crucial to any pool that small children have access to. If you are in the market to buy a pool fence, there’s no doubt you’ve run across numerous types and you’re probably wondering what the best type of pool fence really is. Homeowners grapple with questions about this investment, ranging from the best materials to the advantages and disadvantages of particular safety barriers. While it may seem like a lot of information, understanding the kinds of pool fences available helps you better understand your investment and make the best value-based purchase decision.

  • Mesh
    Removable mesh pool fencing is the only type specifically made for pool safety, making it considered the best pool fence for safety. Because of their cost, versatility, durability, look, and convenience, removable mesh pool fences are the most popular pool safety product used today.
  • Aluminum
    If you are not concerned about child safety, aluminum pool fences may be the best type of pool fence for you. The aluminum is rust-free and the durable qualities of aluminum make for sturdy fences. If you simply need a no-nonsense pool fence that disregards the aesthetics of your pool area, this is a great option to consider.
  • Chain Link
    Chain link fences are relatively inexpensive but are prone to rust. For those who plan on having children use their pool, chain link fences are not the best pool fence. Only a small amount of pool owners use this type because the chain links make it easy for children to climb over it. The fence also inhibits visibility into the pool area, putting children at risk of drowning.
  • Wrought Iron
    While wrought iron is one of the most sturdy materials, it is definitely not the best pool fence for safety and security. Small children can easily get through the iron bars or use them to climb the fence. It’s also impossible to easily remove the fence on your own if you need extra space around the pool for an outdoor gathering. The cost of a wrought iron fence is extremely high in comparison to other types.
  • Wood
    Wood fences are not the best type of pool fence for pool visibility. The slats can make it nearly impossible to watch your kids from outside the pool area and the kids may even be able to climb over the fence without you noticing.
  • Glass
    If aesthetics are your primary concern, glass may be the best pool fence type for you. While it can make for a beautiful pool area, it also poses various challenges. Keeping it spotless means dedicating a lot of time to cleaning and since the material is mostly transparent, there is a larger risk of children, pets, or guests running into it and getting injured. Glass is also a more costly choice, with prices up to 20 times more than a mesh fence, no versatility, and an installation that makes it nearly impossible to remove.

Choosing the Best Type of Pool Fence

Your pool needs and budget determine the best type of pool fence for you to invest in. If you do not have kids at home or are looking for a short-term aesthetic solution, then a glass or aluminum fence would be great options. If you are looking for a long-term solution that is great for kids and budget-friendly, however, the best pool fence would be a mesh pool fence. It’s difficulty to climb, clear visibility for the pool area, convenience to install and remove, and low cost make it the best pool fence for families.

Talk to an Expert

If you’re looking for more information to narrow down your pool fence search, contact your local All-Safe dealer today. They will help you find the best type of pool fence for you based on your preferences to make your pool area everything you want it to be.

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