Which Pool Fence Is Best For Me?

Residential Pool Fence

When deciding on the best type of pool fence, many people think back to their childhood or consider pools they may have seen at friends’ houses, motels, or gyms. While many of these structures may have been used for decades, that doesn’t make them the safest or best for your family, friends or pets. Modern removable mesh pool fencing is safer and designed solely to provide the safest, most convenient pool fencing solution for your home’s pool.

The Must-Have Pool Feature

A pool fence is crucial to any pool that small children or pets may have access to, any pool that may be unattended, and in many jurisdictions it is required by law, building code, your insurance carrier, or a homeowner’s association. Pool fences are meant to be a protective feature that reduces the risk of accidental drowning injuries. Choosing the best type of pool fence available offers you the best possible protection from tragedy.

What To Look For In A Pool Fence

When you’re looking for the best pool fence to meet your needs, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Minimizes Gaps – Gaps in pool fencing, particularly around gates and support posts, can allow small pets or children to slip through and larger individuals the purchase they need to effectively climb the fence and enter your pool without supervision.
  • Resists Climbing – Your fencing material and design should not allow purchase for curious kids or pets to climb over, gaining entry to your pool area.
  • Durable – Fencing around the pool will be subjected to the elements, including frequent moisture, wind, sun, and dust. You want to ensure your pool fence is not only built to stand up to these elements but is also easy to clean and even repair should damage occur.
  • Appearance – It may not be safety-related, but you don’t want an ugly fence. You want something that either accentuates your pool area or is unobtrusive enough that it doesn’t detract.
  • Allows Full Use Of The Pool – The last thing you want is your pool fence getting in the way of using your pool. It needs to strike a balance between keeping out unsupervised kids, pets, or adults who may not be able to safely swim while still allowing you to get full enjoyment from your investment.
  • Overall Safety – The best type of pool fence for you should be designed to maximize safety, with self-closing and self-latching gates as well as a layout that works with your property to prevent attempts at unauthorized entry.

Purposefully Designed For Pool Safety

Removable mesh pool fencing is the best of pool fence because it was designed specifically for meeting the top safety recommendations for pool fencing without impeding your family’s enjoyment of your backyard oasis. Durable, easy to maintain, and focused on preventing accidental drowning injuries, it’s a pool fencing choice that can be tailored to your pool, your usage needs, and its unique layout. 

Why Popular Fences Don’t Cut It

So why aren’t more traditional pool fence types the best? Materials and design have come a long way. Not only is removable mesh fence the right choice for new pool fencing, as older fencing is coming due for repair or replacement, but more and more pool owners are also opting to modernize their pool area.

  • Aluminum – Cheap and easy to maintain, this fence isn’t the most attractive option. Depending on the design, it also may not offer the child-safety features you want for your family.
  • Chain Link – Chain link fences are relatively inexpensive but the chain links make it easy for children to climb over, gaining entry to the pool area. The fence also inhibits visibility into the pool area, putting children at increased risk of drowning.
  • Wrought Iron – While wrought iron is one of the sturdiest and attractive pool fence types, it is definitely not the best for safety and security. Small children can easily get through the iron bars or use them to climb the fence. It’s also expensive and impossible to easily remove the fence on your own if you need extra space around the pool for an outdoor gathering. 
  • Wood –  Wood slats can make it nearly impossible to watch your kids from outside the pool area and the kids may even be able to climb over the fence without you noticing. These fences weather easily, causing metal hardware to rust and increasing the risk of splintering, leading to injuries.
  • Glass – Glass fences are beautiful, very expensive, and keeping them spotless can be a full-time job in and of itself. Damage to the fence can also lead to dangerous shards that can cause painful cuts.

Getting the Perfect Fence For Your Pool

It’s easy to find out how affordable safety and peace of mind can be for you, your family, and your guests. Contact your local All-Safe Pool Fence installer for a free quote. A pool safety expert will schedule a time to visit your pool for an inspection. They’ll talk to you about your pool usage needs, take a look at your pool area and the land surrounding it, and help you understand your pool fencing options. Once you decide the best layout and type of pool fencing for your needs, they’ll put together an estimate that lets you make an informed decision. 

Give your family the safer pool area they deserve. Set up an appointment with your local All-Safe Pool professional today.

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