Pool Fence Moldings

Replacement pool fence moldings help you create a safer swimmer pool area for your friends, family, and pets. All-Safe Pool fencing is ASTM-compliant and engineered to create an appealing pool safety fence that helps prevent unsupervised access that can lead to accidental drownings. Moldings are attached to the fence poles with the mesh material secured between the two, ensuring your barrier is strong and supported, and resists both climbing over or pushing under the fence. Whether you’re repairing a damaged pool fence or starting your own DIY swimming pool safety fence installation, you can be confident your loved ones are protected with quality safety barrier parts.

Pool Fence Moldings

The Important Role Molding Plays in Drowning Prevention

Your pool fence molding attaches the mesh material to the strong support poles anchored in your pool’s deck. Beyond securing the mesh material to the pole, it keeps the material stretched taut from top to bottom and from one pole to the next. This tension eliminates the fence sag that can make your removable mesh pool fence easier to climb. It also keeps the bottom line of your fence straight and prevents it from being lifted to create a gap that a determined child or pet could use to gain entry to the swimming pool.

Secure Your Mesh With Moldings Cut-to-Fit Perfectly

Ordering the right pool fence molding is simple. Identify the height of your pool fence and whether your poles are smooth or textured, and then order the corresponding molding that matches your All-Safe Pool fencing. This ensures you get the right height of molding with the right pre-drilled hole pattern for easy installation. Our smooth and textured poles do use different hole patterns, so be sure to verify your choice before placing your order. Pool fence moldings are available in black, brown, gray, and tan to ensure you get professional-looking results.

Engineered Exclusively for All-Safe Pool Fencing

We’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible for you to build, maintain, and repair the pool safety fence you count on to keep your swimming pool secure. Our pool fence molding takes the guesswork out of ensuring you have the right molding for your pool area. We cannot guarantee compatibility with any other pool fencing system. Additionally, while a 60-inch molding can be trimmed down to fit a 48-inch fence, trying to use a 48-inch molding on a 60-inch fence will leave a total of one foot of the mesh without the secure support it needs to create a strong barrier that deters climbing or unsupervised entry.

Order Your Pool Fence Moldings Online Today

We’re proud to offer quality pool fence moldings that are made to the same high standards our local independent installers use to protect the swimming pools in their communities. If you need any installation guidance or help, reach out to your local installer and ask for a consultation. Order your pool fence moldings from All’Safe Pool today.

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