Ultra Mesh Pool Fence

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Ultra Mesh Temporary Pool Fences

Ultra Mesh is a material for strong, durable temporary portable pool fences that are easy to set up and built to last. Our Ultra Mesh Pool Fences are designed with ultra-fine mesh pool netting that appears clearer at a distance and preserves the aesthetic of your pool area.

With multiple colors to choose from, including black, brown, green, tan, and even custom combinations, our temporary pool fencing can be an ideal match for your swimming pool area. Additionally, there are many ways to design your pool fence safety enclosure.

A Temporary Fence Built to Last

All of our Ultra temporary pool fences start with our 8-stage painting process with a specialized epoxy primer and finish with a dual-layered powder coating. This results in a portable pool fence that is protected from the sun, corrosion, and salt.

We use four lines of stitching on all our Ultra™ fence borders to prevent wear and tear, and for superior durability.

Choose Your Pool Fence Color

We also offer custom combinations utilizing different color poles, border, and mesh.

Two Styles of Fence Poles

All-Safe ultra mesh fencing comes in two varieties of poles. Our ½” peg poles are the smaller of the two, requiring a smaller hole to be drilled in your pool deck. They create a firm attachment point with a somewhat similar strength to 1” poles.

For those looking at a portable pool fence with stronger poles, our 1” twin I-Beam poles have the highest breaking strength in the industry. They are more resistant to bending or breaking than any other pole in the industry, making them some of the strongest temporary pool fences available.

Two Types of Mesh Material

Not only are the poles for All-Safe’s pool fences customizable, but we also offer different types of mesh material to suit every outdoor landscaping style.

Hampton Mesh

All-Safe’s Hampton mesh is the larger of our mesh options. With 35 holes per square inch, the mesh has a large enough screen to allow a substantial amount of light through. Seen at a distance, this fine mesh material is very transparent.


Malibu Mesh

The Malibu mesh is our most popular style mesh fencing with 100 holes per square inch. This tight mesh weave makes your temporary pool fence more resistant to damage by pets (pet damage is not covered by warranty) and is viewed by most customers as the most transparent fence mesh available.


Store Ultra Mesh Fencing Anywhere

Mesh pool fencing can be stored anywhere. All you have to do is roll up the lightweight fence and take it to its new destination. During your estimate or installation, your local installer will answer your questions and show you just how easy it is to move your new portable pool fence around for safety or extra space when you need it.

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A temporary mesh pool fence from All-Safe can easily become a long-lasting safety solution. With a variety of different colors and combinations, as well as guaranteed durability and longevity, we are confident that your All-Safe ultra mesh pool fence will deliver the safety solution your family needs.

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Enter your zip code to locate an independent installer in your area