Pool Fence

  • Available in 4 Foot or 5 Foot Heights
  • Each Section is 15 Feet Long
  • 36 Inch Pole Spacing
  • Variety of Color Combinations
  • Choose from Peg Pole or 1 Inch Poles
  • Section Kit Includes: 
    • 15 Foot Fully Assembled Pool Fence Section
    • 6 Deck Sleeves
    • 6 Deck Plugs
    • 1 Section Latch


Part #: Fence


Ensure the safety of your loved ones with our premium DIY (Self-Installation) Pool Fence.

Designed specifically with families in mind, this pool fence offers a robust barrier to protect your children and pets from the dangers of open water. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, it is engineered for both longevity and aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with your outdoor environment. Pool Fencing is offered in two heights, 4 Foot or 5 Foot, providing a secure enclosure without obstructing your view of the pool area.

This pool fence section kit includes everything you need for a straightforward, do-it-yourself installation, making it an ideal solution for busy parents and pet owners. It features a user-friendly design, with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. The modular design allows for customizable configurations, fitting pools of various shapes and sizes.

Not only does it serve as a critical safety measure, but it also adds to the overall elegance of your pool area, enhancing your home’s outdoor space. Invest in peace of mind and the well-being of your family with our DIY Pool Fence, the smart choice for responsible and style-conscious homeowners.


Determining What You Need:

  • Determine the total length of fencing needed 
  • Divide the total length needed by our section length of 15 feet, rounding up.
    • Ex: 63 feet of fence is required. 63 feet divided by 15 feet = 4.2 sections of fencing
      We do not offer partial sections so you must round up. 
  • 5 sections in total are needed for a 63 foot installation.
  • During installation, that 5th section of material would need to be trimmed to the desired length needed since the full 15 feet is not required. 

Quick Guide Installation Instructions are available here:


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To accurately determine the amount of fencing required for your project, first calculate the total perimeter that needs to be enclosed. Once you have this measurement in feet, consult the chart provided below for guidance. Each section of our fence spans 15 feet, so dividing your total perimeter by 15 will give you the number of sections needed.

If your plan includes the installation of a Self-Closing Gate, remember that each gate occupies a space of 3 feet. Therefore, you should subtract 3 feet from the total fencing length to accommodate the gate. This adjustment ensures that you purchase the correct amount of fencing material, avoiding unnecessary expenses and ensuring a seamless installation.

Feet of Fence Needed Fence Sections Needed

Get Started!

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