This Near Drowning In Bakersfield Changed Lives


Pool Fence Safety is more than meets the eye! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10 people die from unintentional drowning every day. And one in five parents falsely believe air-filled water wings can protect their children from drowning incidents in the swimming pool. In 2002, the Paschal family of Bakersfield experienced a near-drowning incident that resulted in severe brain damage to their 21-month-old son Seth within three to five minutes.

Pool Fence Safety – This Near Drowning In Bakersfield Changed Lives

Jill and Seth Paschal
Near Drowning In Bakersfield Changes Lives.

Seth’s mother, Jill Paschal, expressed she experienced a number of emotional issues, including depression from blame and guilt. She also emphasized safety precautions, especially for pool fence safety and talked about the importance of meshed fences and pool covers.

“It’s a really good product. If the child tries to climb over it, it bends. Since they don’t have a sturdy grip, they are not likely to climb over and the pool fence safety works. And, for pool covers, a lot of children can fall in and get wrapped up in it,” said Paschal.

Many drowning accidents happen because parents think that their children would yell if they got into trouble, but this far from the truth. Contact an All-Safe dealer in the local Bakersfield area to assist with your pool safety needs.

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers company has dedicated its mission and purpose to pool safety and child-proofing swimming pools of all types in attempt to prevent these tragic accidents from happening in the future.  Contact AllSafe Pool Fence & Pool Covers today to add the safety measured mentioned above and childproof your swimming pool today.

Read more about the story on Also, visit Hugs Foundation for Near Drowning Children, which helps relatives of children who suffer from near-drowning incidents.

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