5 Benefits From Installing A Mesh Pool Cover For Your Pool

Winter pool covers protect your pool while it is out of use.

A Mesh Pool Cover is a great affordable option! These days when it comes to swimming pools your main goal should be safety first. You owe it to your friends, neighbors, and family to keep everything both in and around the pool sound and safe. Pool covers are an important aspect of swimming pool equipment because an ideal cover helps protect the swimming pool from harmful elements and can prevent accidents. There are different types of pool covers available on the market, but mesh pool covers are the recommended cover for their versatility and functionality. In this article, we will discuss the 5 main benefits of installing a mesh pool cover for your swimming pool.

5 Benefits From Installing A Mesh Pool Cover For Your Pool

1. Keeps Debris And Dirt Out Of Your Pool

Mesh swimming pool covers are made of lightweight mesh, which means you will use less effort to clean the pool during winter. Mesh pool covers keep most debris and dirt out of the pool, and are very easy to take off. hey also support large weights including even heavy snow loads. Since it is a mesh, a pump is not needed on top so rain water passes through and during the off season there is no additional upkeep for you to worry about. These types of covers can last up to 15 years.

Winter Pool Cover
Installing a mesh pool cover provides many benefits for your swimming pool.

2. Prevents The Pool Water From Evaporating

Mesh pool covers are a crucial accessory for any swimming pool and will not only save your time and money when it comes to maintenance, but will also prevent your precious swimming pool water from evaporating. Mesh pool covers reduce water evaporation by over 90%, which means they are one of the best pool products that you can install for your swimming pool to preserve the water.

3. Reduces Instances Of Backwashing

By keeping your swimming pool water clean, a mesh pool cover, significantly reduces the number of times the pool will require backwashing. Keeping the pool covered also decreases the amount of chemical usage by halting evaporation of the water into the air. A mesh pool cover will also save you over 50% on heating costs since evaporation is the main source of heat loss for pools, which occurs mainly during the night when the temperature drops below the temp of the water in the swimming pool.

4. Helps Extend Your Swimming Season

For those without the luxury of swimming pool heating, a mesh pool cover typically helps extend your swimming time into the spring and autumn months, by increasing pool’s temperature by about six to eight degrees in pools that get the sun.

5. Acts As A Pool Safety Barrier

Mesh pool covers provide a strong and sturdy pool cover to keep young children and pets safe. When a mesh pool cover is used as pool barrier, is it referred as a “safety pool cover”. Safety pool covers are one of the safest options when it comes to swimming pool safety because they are exceptionally strong, very secure and meet the ASTM standard for swimming pool safety covers.

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