6 Most Popular Pool Safety Cover Options



Pool Safety Covers

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Pool Safety Covers

6 Most Popular Pool Safety Cover Options

Every homeowner wants to ensure a clean and safe swimming pool. This makes a safety cover a must-have addition to any pool. There are so many types of Pool Safety Covers, with each one have offering various types of benefits. If you want to add a cover over your pool, you must know about the different options available in the market.

1. Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Safety Covers are widely popular for 2 reasons:

  • They can be easily installed
  • They are affordable

These pool covers may look like translucent bubble wraps, they are highly effective in absorbing the heat from sunlight. During nighttime they can hold onto the captured heat when the external temperature falls. Other benefits include reducing water evaporation and minimizing the need for maintenance.

2. Solar Rings

Solar rings also help absorb heat from sunlight. They also pass the heat deeper into the water because of their unique design. Once the perfect pool temperature is achieved, you can turn them around so that they work as barriers against the sun. This will prevent water from evaporating and reducing the need to add chemicals.

3. Winter Pool Covers

These Pool Safety Covers help in protecting the pool against the extreme cold of in the winters. These covers are made using heavy duty materials. They can be difficult to remove and put back on. However, you can use them throughout the year. These covers are also useful in keeping the pool clean and reducing evaporation. Because they provide thermal protection, they also help in preventing algae formation.

4. Leaf Nets

These covers are less about safety and more about keeping your pool clean. They are basic covers that help in keeping out leaves and other debris. Once the cover has collected enough leaves, make sure to remove the net to remove the leaves. It is recommended to use leaf nets along with other Pool Safety Covers.

5. Mesh Covers

Similar to leaf nets, mesh covers also work by keeping out unwanted debris out of the pool. The good thing about these Pool Safety Covers is that they can bear more weight because they are made of metal mesh. You will not have to worry about rain water getting accumulated on it. You can place them over your pool throughout the year, especially during the winters when the pool is closed for use.

Mesh covers can withstand the weight of large debris, but they cannot bear the weight of children or pets. You will be typically using them with other Pool Safety Covers because they cannot help with reducing heating or the chemical maintenance of the pool.

6. Automatic Pool Safety Covers

Automatic pool covers are professionally installed and cost more, but they offer a wide range of benefits.

  • These Pool Safety Covers can be used throughout the year
  • They can be easily removed and put on
  • They are highly rigid and prevent anyone from falling in
  • They also minimize evaporation to keep the water warm

These are the most widely used Pool Safety Covers to help keep your pool safe, clean and warm.

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