Can a Mesh Safety Fence keep my dog out of the pool?


What is the best way to keep my dog out of the pool?

There are a number of options including pool fences, pool nets, and alarms, it can be difficult to find the right solution for your pet. Read on to see some of the common question we get.

Is a mesh pool safety fence the best solution?

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to pool safety. All-Safe provides pool fences, pool nets, pool alarms, and wearable alarms. While a fence is one of the best options it is not the only option. A mesh pet fence will protect your dog for years to come.

Wont teaching my dog to swim be enough?

While teaching your dog to swim is important step in protecting your furry family member, it does not ensure their safety. A dog that falls into a pool can easily become disoriented and unable to find the stairs or exit. When this happens they can become tired and drown. A pool fence or net will act as a barrier keeping your dog from gaining access to your pool while you are not watching them. A Pool fence is a great way to ensure the safety of pets, children, and all your loved ones.

My dog is afraid of the water he will be safe?

Even if your dog actively avoids water they can still accidentally get knocked into the pool. When dogs play they can get extremely rough, as we all know. Because of this one of the dogs can easily get knocked into the water. A physical barrier will ensure that no dog is able to fall into your pool.

What about a Solar Cover?

Solar covers are a fantastic option to for many pool owners. They help slow the evaporation process, and keep your pool warm. However they can present a significant danger to dogs. Many dogs will see them as a surface they can walk on. When they try to walk on a solar cover they will quickly become trapped and unable to surface. Even if a dog knows how to swim they can easily become trapped and unable to escape. If nobody is monitoring your pool this can spell tragedy.

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