How Automatic Pool Covers Help With Water Evaporation


How Automatic Waterproof Pool Covers Help Prevent Evaporation

Water is an important and valuable commodity, and maintaining the right levels in your swimming pool makes pool ownership all-around easier. This is especially true in places like California, where local restrictions enacted following the frequent droughts make maintaining your swimming pool’s water levels difficult or impossible without breaking laws or restrictions.

Conserving water during times of drought is the responsible thing to do, and installing an automatic pool cover makes it easy. Learn more here about how you can use a pool cover to save water and more.

Why Install Automatic Pool Covers?

The highest level of energy loss pertaining to a swimming pool happens during water evaporation. Evaporation causes heat loss, making your heater do more work to keep your pool at the right temperature. Direct sunlight also fosters algae growth and breaks down chemicals like chlorine.

Automatic covers by All-Safe are a type of waterproof pool cover that helps prevent evaporation from the pool and blocks sunlight. They activate with the push of a button or switch and are strong enough for the whole family to walk on.

The benefits of automatic covers extend to your own personal convenience as well. Do you enjoy cleaning your pool excessively? Probably not. Automatic pool covers help to prevent a great deal of debris from falling into your swimming pool, resulting in less cleaning and skimming.

Backyard Automatic Blue Pool Cover
Automatic pool covers provide safety, as well as cost savings on maintenance and heating.

Selecting An Automatic Pool Cover

All-Safe carries a number of different waterproof pool covers that operate automatically to suit the best interests of your swimming pool. As long as your pool contains no special designs such as curves or areas of elevation, then your pool could qualify for one of our automatic covers. We carry a number of different options that will provide you with the freedom to chose. A few examples include:

  • Deck Mounted Top Track: This is the most common option used when you have an existing pool and you want to install an automatic pool cover. The motor and cover tubes are installed on top of the deck on one side of the pool and a bench is usually used to hide the system. Tracks are installed on the sides of the pool where the cover will run along when opening and closing.
  • Recessed Top Track: A recessed top track automatic waterproof pool cover system is usually done during new pool construction or a pool remodel. The motor and cover tubes are placed in a vault that is built out of concrete, wood, or a premade vault housing available through All-Safe. Like the deck mounted top track, the tracks run along the sides of the pool.
  • Recessed Undertrack: A recessed undertrack system is the most desired option because the motor and cover tubes are placed in a vault and the tracks are run underneath the coping or recessed into the pool wall. This makes the waterproof pool cover virtually disappear when open. The recessed undertrack system is usually done during new pool construction or a pool remodel.
  • PowerTrak Semi-Automatic: The semi-automatic version is just like a deck mount top track system but there is no motor and the cover is run by a cordless drill. This is an ideal system when you have a pool on a large property and the pool is placed in an area where it is difficult or expensive to get electrical access to the system.
  • Manual Track System: Like the deck mount top track system the cover tubes and crank are mounted on the deck and tracks run along the side of the pool. This waterproof pool cover is operated with a manual crank. The manual track system is ideal for a small pool and pool shape that does require the cover to run along a lot of the deck.

Additional Models

All-Safe carries a few other models to select from as well, with prices starting at as little as six thousand dollars. Each cover meets with the ASTM safety standards and is made from a
material for pool evaporation prevention that resists shrinking, fading, algae, and fiber wicking.

Talk To A Pool Cover Expert

Consider the different options for a waterproof pool cover and talk to an expert who can help you decide which one is correct for you. All-Safe has been installing automatic pool covers for over 20 years. Connect with your local All-Safe dealer today for a free quote and on-site consultation.

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