An Automatic Pool Cover You Can Walk On, Do They Really Exist?


Automatic retractable swimming pool covers are one of the most convenient types of pool covers available. They glide open and closed easily for frequent access, help prevent heat loss and reduce water evaporation.

Upon first glance, it appears that you can walk on the pool cover or turn the pool into usable space. However, automatic pool covers are supported by the water below and stretche tightly across the pool surface, similar to the look and feel of a waterbed.

These are pool covers you can walk on, if necessary, to remove leaves and debris or to retrieve a child, pet or toy, but are not designed to be jumped or played on. Frequent or excessive weight can damage the system.

So is there really a cover that you can walk on all the time that covers your pool? Not really. Is there a cover that will allow you to reduce water evaporation, pool maintenance & occasionally walk on, when absolutely necessary? Yes. Read more about the benefits and options of a Retractable Cover for your Pool available from All-Safe.

Safe and Convenient

automatic retractable pool cover

All-Safe provides ASTM compliant covers. The cover’s materials and installation processes are tested and approved to meet stringent safety standards. The sturdy retractable cover for your pool is convenient and retracts easily. It can take time to remove a pool net or standard cover, but with an automatic pool cover on your pool, all you have to do is turn a key or use a touchpad, and you’re ready to enjoy the swimming area.

Safe for the Whole Family

an automatic pool cover you can walk on

Protecting your loved ones is always a top priority for All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers. Therefore, maintaining pool safety by using durable pool products is crucial. The material used makes an automatic pool cover resistant to algae growth, shrinking, fading, and chlorine damage. The tracks are strong, sturdy and low profile. With good care and minimum maintenance, your cover

will provide years of safety and convenience. Although All-Safe does not encourage anyone to walk or stand on an automatic retractable cover for any pool unless an emergency arises, it can support the weight of multiple people. Carefully traversing this pool cover feels similar to walking on a waterbed.

Automatic Pool Cover Benefits

This automatic retractable cover for a pool is an increasingly popular solution for safety and for keeping the pool clean. One of the most common benefits pool owners love is the convenience. Automatic pool covers come with the benefits of:

  • Pool safety and security
  • Reduced energy expenses
  • Opening and closing with ease
  • Extreme durability
  • A manufacturer’s warranty included

Environmental Savings Benefits

  • Minimizes water evaporation
  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Limits direct sun exposure

Security Benefits

  • Decreased liability
  • Restricts unauthorized pool access

An Investment With Long-Lasting Solutions

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers offers high-quality, automatic retractable covers for pools that typically cost between $6,000 to $15,000 installed, depending on your pool. Your local All-Safe dealer will provide a free onsite consultation and quote.

Choosing an Automatic Pool Cover

Retractable pool covers work best with rectangular-shaped pools. Nevertheless, they will fit other pool shapes too, as long as the cover’s tracks can run parallel beside the pool’s length without deterrents such as steps, elevation changes, handrails, landscape features, etc. Learn more about which pool sizes and shapes best support an automatic pool cover by reading our guide on how to choose the best pool covers.

How Do I Know Which Automatic Pool Cover Is Right for My Family?

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers has over twenty-five years of experience in the pool safety industry. We provide a variety of durable and secure pool covers, including retractable pool covers to meet the needs of your pool and lifestyle. If you do not have any physical obstructions that would impede the cover’s tracks, you may qualify for an electronic retractable swimming pool cover.

Here are some options that All-Safe carries:

  • Deck Mounted Top Track: A deck mounted top track is a common choice for pool owners who want to install an automatic cover. The cover’s system is typically hidden by a bench which adds aesthetic appeal to your swimming area.
  • Recessed Top Track: A recessed top track automatic pool cover system is one of the best choices for those who are constructing a new pool or remodeling their current pool. This pool cover system remains concealed inside a vault built from either premade materials, wood, or concrete, all provided by All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers.
  • Recessed Undertrack: A recessed undertrack automatic cover is another great option for those building a brand new pool or remodeling their current one. It’s one of the most popular options among pool owners because the system is hidden in a vault and the cover’s tracks operate under the coping or are recessed inside your pool wall. Therefore, a recessed undertrack practically disappears when it opens and closes.
  • Manual Track System: The manual track system gets mounted on a deck, and its tracks remain alongside the pool like the deck mount top track system. However, this cover operates with a manual crank, which makes it suitable for smaller pools where much of the deck space is taken up by the cover.


Speak With a Pool Safety Expert Today

Automatic retractable covers for your pool will add convenience and style to your backyard oasis. Consider the benefits an automatic pool cover brings, like giving your family the peace of mind it deserves. Choose All-Safe, a company that values integrity and quality by providing easy-to-use, aesthetically-pleasing covers that meet ASTM safety standards.

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