4 Benefits Of Installing An Automatic Pool Cover


Many pool owners, never contemplate about the possibility of acquiring an automatic pool cover. Unfortunately however, many parents and pet owners alike can attest to the fact that, one of the most expensive and in some cases, deadliest mistake they have ever made, was failing to acquire a pool cover. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 4 benefits you stand to gain by installing an automatic pool cover.

4 Benefits Of Installing An Automatic Pool Cover

1. Provides Safety
An automatic pool cover offers numerous benefits for swimming pool owners, but the number one benefit is that they can help reduce drownings and accidents if you have pets and children around your swimming pool. Pets and children tend to have a particular fascination about pools. While you may have instructed your child to avoid the pool area unless an adult is around, but due to their high level of curiosity that children naturally possess in a combination of a lack of fear of consequences they may attempt to play in the pool when an adult is not within close proximity of them. Utilizing an automatic pool cover can help to provide an added layer of protection because it completely seals the body of the pool water on all four sides, thus preventing unsupervised access. Better yet, most if not all pool covers tend to consist of materials that are highly durable. Meaning, even if your child or pet, accidentally steps on the pool cover, you can be rest assured that the material it consists of will be strong enough to support their weight. And while there’s no substitute for proper supervision, your pool can be protected even when you’re not around.

automatic pool cover solar covers
Pool safety is one of the main benefits you get with an automatic pool cover.

2. Protects Your Pool From Debris
While it may be true that pool vacuums and pool brushes are great tools to utilize when it comes to removing debris from your pool, they do very little to remove debris that has already entered your pool pump such as small toys, stones and twigs for example. The problem with this is that even though every pool pump has a built in filter, if an abundance of small debris has accumulated on filter it can cause this pool pump to work harder than it has to. The end result of this is that it can actually shorten the lifespan of your pool pump. An automatic pool cover would effectively block any debris from falling into the pool and subsequently get sucked in by the pump.

3. Reduced Maintenance
Many pool owners have been in a circumstance where they noticed that the water within their pool was gradually becoming more and more cloudy. Usually it is hthe result of unbalanced cleaning chemicals, as well as suspended debris. Nonetheless cleaning a pool is one of the most daunting and tedious tasks that many pool owners have to do. And while it may be true that no pool can ever be categorized as being maintenance free, by utilizing a combination of pool sanitizers and a pool cover it can significantly reduce the level of maintenance that you have to conduct.

4. Automatic Pool Covers Will Save You Money On Water And Energy Costs
The costs that are associated with maintaining a pool in retrospect to the amount of electricity that is being consumed and the amount of water that gets circulated, are moderately high to say the least. The costs associated with this essentially rise when the water within it becomes cloudy as a result of suspended debris or as a result of an overworked pump. An automatic pool cover minimizes the instances that this may occur and thus can help to ensure that you are able to maintain your pool as cost efficient as possible.

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