5 Important Reasons Why Pool Nets Should Be In Every Swimming Pool

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Pool nets are effective safety products that cover your the water and offer an unobstructed view of your pool. Pool nets usually have at least 3.5 inch openings, which make it difficult for someone to move across and can prevent a child’s head from going through. The use of pool safety nets has grown in popularity over the years due to their ease of use and effectiveness. Pool nets are the second most common pool safety product purchased by pool owners. Here are 5 key benefits a homeowner is bound to gain by installing a pool net:

1. Pool Nets Are Easy To Use

Pool safety nets are easy to install, uninstall, and generally use. A pool net can be easily removed in 5 to 10 minutes and placed back within 7 to 15 minutes. The time taken to install or remove a safety net is usually dependent on factors such as the shape of the pool which can create some net tension issues or the ease at which certain areas of the pool can be accessed and the overall size of the pool.

Pool nets are a great option to cover your pool and provides safety.

2. Pool Nets Can Be Installed On Any Swimming Pool

A pool net is normally installed by placing a sturdy flush brass anchor every two feet or closely thereabouts around the pool. It should be noted that different anchors are usually used in different situations. In most safety pool nets, one or two central tensioning systems (CTS) are placed in the middle of the net with CTS lines tied off to the edge for tightening purposes. This ensures that the safety net does not get flaccid. Because they are versatile and lightweight, they can be installed in virtually any spa, pool or water feature with ease.

3. Pool Nets Are Safe And Strong

When choosing your pool safety net, make sure you opt for a net that is ASTM compliant. This implies that the safety of the net has not only been tested by the manufacturer alone, but has also been independently tested by a third party. The nets are usually anchored to the sides of a pond, pool, spa and some tension is applied across the net with a round loop tool or a central tensioning system. The nets cannot be operated by a child who has not been trained to do so because a special tool is needed to put the net on and remove it. This ensures that a child cannot inadvertently remove it and endanger his or her life.

4. Pool Safety Nets Are Quite Affordable

Even though every pool and spa can vary in terms of size and other pertinent factors, the average cost of pool safety net that’s inclusive of materials and installation is in the region of $1,300 to $2,500. When you take into consideration the inherent risks of not having a cover or when compared against the cost of using other available alternatives or options, pool safety nets are worthy investments.

5. A Pool Net Is A Great Safety Option That Is Unobtrusive

A pool net is unobtrusive, unlike other pool safety options which some landscape conscious home owners may consider as being obtrusive to their overall swimming pool design. Pool nets are placed on top of the pool or water feature, allowing the normal sky blue color of your water to still shine through. The safety nets are also readily available in a variety of colors, allowing home owners to choose the most appropriate color which will complement the overall outdoor look that they prefer or desire.

If you are in the market for a pool net, contact your local All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers dealer and they will be happy to discuss various options for pool nets.

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