How Much Does a Pool Fence Cost?


How much does a pool fence cost?

Pool fence prices depend on the type of pool fence you decide to purchase, but an average estimate would be between $1,500 and $10,000 or more. Typically, you will pay between $15 and $25 per linear foot. In many states and municipalities, fencing around your pool is required, usually with an inward swinging, self-closing gate. Fences are usually required to be at least four or five feet tall for inground pools.

Overall, the final cost of your pool fence is greatly determined by its materials, with options from mesh to glass. But All-Safe recommends only one type for the highest possible safety and efficacy.

What is Pool Fence

Mesh Fencing

All-Safe mesh pool fencing costs include both installation and parts. Prices range between $1,500 – $2,500 on average. The cost will vary depending on the size and shape of your pool, any elevation changes, the number of gates, and the type of surface on which the fence will be installed.

Our best recommendation is a mesh pool fence because they are the most reliable and safest pool solutions available. They are also very economical compared to alternative fencing types. Mesh is the only type of pool fence that All-Safe recommends for reliability, safety, and efficacy. All-Safe mesh pool fences are also priced fairly for your family.[/two_third_last]

Wrought Iron Fencing

A pool fence’s cost is usually correlated with the expense of materials. Wrought iron fences are a common type of pool fence. They are strong and durable, but their appeal is mostly decorative and allow children to climb, compromising safety. Their popularity is being diminished by mesh fencing, a more cost-effective, reliable and safer option. A wrought iron pool fence’s pricing averages between $3,000 and $10,000.

Chain Link Fencing

While chain link fences remain popular for building security and recreational areas, they are not a popular choice for pool safety. Many pool owners have caught on to the fact that children can easily get a foothold in the diamond-shaped links, allowing them to climb easily. It is also important to note that these fences are not intended to be removable, and this permanence will make it difficult to remove. So while chain link pool fence prices are usually cheaper, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, we do not recommend them for their lack of safety.

Glass Fencing

Glass pool fences are considered some of the most beautiful, but also the most permanent and expensive. The nice aesthetic can also be difficult to maintain with frequent cleaning. Expect the average upfront pool fence cost to be $7,500 to $50,000.

Summary of Pool Fence Prices

Mesh Fencing $1,500 – $2,500
Wrought Iron Fencing $3,000 – $10,000
Wood Fencing $2,200 – $12,500
Chain Link Fencing $1,000 – $5,000
Glass Fencing $7,500 – $50,000

The Next Step to a Quality Pool Fence

For the highest level of safety AND the best price, we highly recommend an All-Safe mesh fence for your pool!

The best way to determine the perfect fencing solution is to contact your local independent dealer and set up a free onsite consultation and estimate. This professional will help you plan the perfect pool safety fencing solution for the needs of your family.

Find your Dealer

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