Why the Best Thermal Pool Covers are Automatic

In today’s world, everything seems to be able to be automated. Banking, shopping, cooking, working, and even dating can be put on autopilot all in the name of convenience.

Did you know that you can also make the safety and convenience of your pool automatic? An automatic thermal cover for your swimming pool could be the best way to make it easier to enjoy every aspect of your pool without any extra work. Here are five reasons that installing an automatic thermal cover for your pool will be worth the investment.

People enjoying a swimming pool with a thermal cover

Keep Your Family and Children Safe

While there are many reasons to install a pool cover, the absolute most important thing for you to think about is safety. An average of 10 people drown as a result of non-boating incidents every day, according to the CDC. Twenty percent of those are children under the age of 14. On top of all that, for every one child we lose, five more are sent to the emergency room for the treatment of non-fatal injuries.

These statistics are sad, but the good thing for you is that they are preventable with the right safety equipment. With a combination of pool fences and alarms, a thermal cover on your pool can decrease the chances of accidents happening. While we don’t recommend it outside of emergencies, if someone were to walk on top of one of our thermal swimming pool covers, it would feel like walking on a waterbed.

Our pool covers are tough and they exceed ASTM safety standards. We also offer an incredible manufacturer’s warranty. And our professional installation team makes sure the job is done right. Find your local dealer today to learn more about making your pool safer.

Reduce Your Energy and Water Bills

If you use an electric pool heater to keep your swims comfortable during cooler months and you don’t have a thermal pool cover, you could be wasting a ton of energy and money. As the air cools down around the pool, it sucks the heat right out of the water. Then your heater has to expend a lot of energy to reheat the water back to its ideal temperature. It’s a vicious cycle.

It is entirely possible to cut down your heating bill and be a little more earth-friendly with a thermal pool cover. A thermal cover works just like a winter jacket for your pool. It insulates all the warmth your heater creates and reduces the need to reheat the water as much. Because the water stays warmer, your heater doesn’t have to work as hard. This knocks your pool heating bill down significantly and means a thermal cover can easily pay for itself within a few years.

Not only does a thermal cover for your pool reduce your energy bills, it can also reduce your water bills. An uncovered pool loses a lot of water due to evaporation during hot summer days. The sun’s rays beat down on the pool and can lower the water level fairly quickly. This means having to refill the pool with fresh water. At All-Safe, our automatic pool covers use a nylon material that is processed with molten vinyl, stopping nearly all evaporation and keeping your pool full year-round.

Leaves in a pool without a thermal cover

Keep Your Pool Cleaner

Leaves, bugs, and debris can find their way into the water at any time of year. And of course, it’s your job to keep the pool clean. The routine is to get out there every day and do some skimming. It’s not hard work, but it takes time.

With an automatic pool cover, you can save all of that time with the turn of a key or the push of a button. You will completely cover the top of your pool and keep the junk out.

Finally Have a Low Maintenance Pool

Owning a swimming pool can be a lot of work. Keeping the pool clean, making sure the chemicals are balanced correctly, refilling the pool over time, and making sure the pool heater is keeping everything comfortable are all regular tasks you have to do regularly to make sure your pool is swim worthy at all times. With a thermal cover for your swimming pool, you can eliminate a significant amount of these regular chores by simply covering your pool up.

A pool cover acts as the front lines of defense against leaves and bugs getting into the pool, water evaporating out of the pool, and all of the energy from the heater escaping the pool. And with less water evaporating, a thermal pool cover means you spend less time and money rebalancing the chemicals in the water.

All of This at the Push of a Button

If your dream of having a safe, clean, worry-free pool hasn’t quite turned out due to covers that are difficult to use, it’s time to talk to your local dealer about installing an automatic thermal swimming pool cover. All-Safe covers run on various types of tracks our professionals install on your pool. As long as the tracks can run alongside the length of the pool without elevation changes or obstructions, an automatic cover can make the hard parts of owning a pool the easiest.

Even if your pool is in a location that is difficult to run electricity to, we have a semi-automatic model that uses a cordless drill to open and close the pool.

If you’re ready to make your pool safer, more efficient, and easier to maintain at the push of a button (or the turn of a key), reach out to your local All-Safe dealer today for a free on-site consultation and quote.

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