The Safety of Kids Pool Party Games

Kids Pools Party Safety

Pool parties can be a great time at any age. Splashing around with your friends isn’t just a fun way to spend a summer afternoon — it’s practically a childhood rite of passage! And as far as we’re concerned, every pool party needs three things: delicious food, plenty of sunscreen, and some kids pool party games.

But as a parent, you might be concerned about how safe these pool games really are. After all, everything is fun and games until somebody gets hurt. At All-Safe, we understand how important it pool safety is, which is why we’re here to help you make some of your favorite pool games safer for everyone. Here are a few tips to help make your next pool party fun in a safe environment.

Marco Polo

“Marco Polo,” is a classic pool party game. One player is selected as “it.” He or she closes their eyes while everyone moves away from them around the pool. After 10 seconds, the chosen player (keeping their eyes closed) yells out, “Marco!” The other players respond with, “Polo,” while the chosen player tries to tag someone by following their voices and the sounds of movement in the water.

This kid’s pool party game is a pretty simple one, but it does require a few rules if you want to play it safely. Firstly, you should set boundaries to prevent kids from venturing into the deep end (unless, of course, everyone is a strong enough swimmer and there’s adequate adult supervision). Secondly, the player who is “it” should keep his or her arms out in front of them, so they don’t accidentally swim into the wall!

Beach Ball Races

Start by gathering all the racers on one end of the pool, and make sure they each have an inflated beach ball. Then, on the count of three (or “ready, set, go,” whichever you prefer) have the kids race to the other end of the pool — pushing the ball across with their noses! This kids pool party game is a fun way to help young swimmers practice their kicking and inspire a little healthy competition.

The steps you take this race into a safe pool game will depend entirely on the age and abilities of the kids at your party. For example, if the kids aren’t yet comfortable in the deep end, have them race back and forth across the shallow end. Similarly, you can have them push the ball with their fingertips instead of their noses if they’re not yet ready to stick their faces into the water.

Squirt Gun Races

This kids pool party game is a little more involved on the adult side, but it can be a lot of fun for the little ones! Start by poking a hole in a few plastic cups and threading a piece of kite string through them. Secure the strings so that the cups hang over the pool. Then, hand the kids some squirt guns and let them go. First one to shoot their cup across the pool is the winner!

One problem you may run into with this game is kids running around the pool deck, trying to get closer to their cup as it moves. If the deck has become slippery from the party, this can mean spills, skinned knees, and other injuries. You will want to ensure that there is enough space between the pool and your pool fence. If you want to be sure this is a fun and safe pool game, encourage the kids to stay in the water — or, if they have to get out, to walk around the deck.

Swimming Pool Scrabble

Swimming pool scrabble isn’t just a kids pool party game; it’s also a fun way for young kids to practice spelling. To play this game, you need a wide assortment of sponges, each marked with a letter in permanent marker.

Toss the sponges into the water and give the kids a certain amount of time (somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds) to gather as many pieces as they can. Then, have everyone reconvene at the pool deck and see how many words they can spell with the sponges they gathered. Fun in the pool and education — sounds like a win to us!

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to make this a safe pool game for your kids and their friends. Bear in mind that some sponges may sink, and that some kids may dive underwater to fetch them. There should always be an adult supervising any young swimmers, and that goes double when they’re spending any time under the water. Also, try to avoid tossing any sponges near the pool’s filters or pumps; these areas can be dangerous for young children.

The Lifeguard Game

The last kids pool party game we’ll talk about today involves children playing lifeguard. For this game, you can place a toy at the bottom of the pool and teach the kids about the proper techniques that lifeguards use to save someone. Then, have them practice these techniques on the toy (or, if they’re a bit older and strong swimmers, on each other).

This game is a great way for the kids to learn some vital skills that may come in handy in an emergency. But of course, make sure there is a designated lifeguard (i.e., a parent) watching the kids as they play this game. If everyone follows the rules and an adult is nearby, you can be sure that all your pool parties are loads of fun and filled with safe pool games.

Trust All-Safe for Pool Safety

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers is a family owned business committed to keeping children safe in and around swimming pools. Make sure that all of your kid’s pool party games are properly supervised by an adult, and that you have a pool safety barrier installed to keep children out of the pool when adults are not around.

For more on effective safety devices such as pool nets and mesh pool fencing, contact your local All-Safe dealer for a free consultation.

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